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~ Premium Essentials ~ Massive Free Mall, Featuring Gallery Furniture, A & W Mesh Building Supplies, Sassy Essentials (Avatar M+F) plus More "Stuff".

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High quality mesh cloths, mesh bodys and furniture and all FREE! Owners are vey nice and helpfull. Newbie friendlly place. Many Thanks

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karenparksuk 8 months ago
Fantastic - thank you for the awesome Mesh Avatar and clothes! Had a problem with the alpha for 5 minutes but found what I was looking for in the Essentials box!! So easy!!
WandaBillings 9 months ago
High quality. Very nice.
IndianaSummers 10 months ago
Christmas Decorations in courtyard. Thanks!
monik 10 months ago
very nice ... thanks ...
SamDiamond 10 months ago
Asked about some building supplies, owner fixed me right up with everything I needed. Thanks!
Arielle 10 months ago
Friendly owners. the latest low arc bodies, all well laid out and crazy fast loading. Even people with slower connections should find it easy to navigate and pick up what they need. Kudos!
ReneeWryter 10 months ago
awesome ty so much :)
Kazuko 10 months ago
Top Marks - really good well laid out and excellent content - One suggestion is Teleporters to the 2nd floor in the shops - will give the LM to all my people
IndianaSummers 10 months ago
Just got Athena 4 from Sassy Essentials, Thanks for sharing!
Newhaus 10 months ago
REALLY great place with Awesome building supplies, beautifully set up and really friendly :D I will go back again and again!
AdrienneInfiniti 11 months ago
Its pretty sad when the owner of this region bans people for absolutely no reason .. No one said anything to u for u to ban all of us ...
JaniaCleanslate 10 months ago
I agree with you - it seems after they left alife grid they went rogue lol
AdrienneInfiniti 10 months ago
I just want a response on why an entire grid is banned from there
DominaCanning 10 months ago
I'm not the owner but it's the Zero Tolerance Policy hate and scam grids are being ban from all freebie sims.
maria95rhinehardt 11 months ago
I bring friends for more here.
StepanVolkov 11 months ago
is good building supplies
StepanVolkov 11 months ago
является хорошим источником строительства
iekocatnap 11 months ago
high quality thank you for free items
JaniaCleanslate 11 months ago
I was booted sent home and banned for no reason....
VictorDeAngelo 11 months ago
Thank you so much for providing all of the beautiful and quality building materials. OpenSim will be all the better when integrating what you have provided into our builds...and all for FREE!
Haywood 11 months ago
Building Materials Furnishings and more. I like it.
Kelley_Adams 11 months ago
I got my whole Mesh avatar at Diamond Sands. I could not be more thrilled. Thank You!
Jadore 11 months ago
great place , awesome well thought out Great job to the designer and builder of
Diamond Sand
simonaskytower 11 months ago
Thank You Jadore, and we had a nice time at Dior Entertainment :-)
eaglewealth 12 months ago
Great place! :)
Latisha_Jones 12 months ago
Diamond Sands is yet another up and coming VAR offering the best of the Metaverse for free. The shops are growing in number and content every day, so this one I will need to keep a close eye on. I plan to make this a weekly stop in my quest for the best.
simonaskytower 12 months ago
Thank you Latisha, I just loved your outfit, and thanks for LM. Hugs.
Barrett_Jackson 1 years ago
Looking good so far. Owner says they will be adding home's, landscape and more. I can hardly wait.
simonaskytower 12 months ago
Thank you Barrett. We will let you know when those items are available
Destiny257Seranade 1 years ago
I totally agree with oopsee! This place is really awesome and once filled it will be so amazing. You must see for yourself!!
simonaskytower 1 years ago
Thank You Destiny. We are starting afresh and growing is sometimes painful, but we hope to offer the best of the best.
oopsee 1 years ago
omg ! When this place gets organized it will be the best most organized free content place in opensim ... whooo hooooo !!!
simonaskytower 1 years ago
Thank you so much for all your help! Without you and other loving creators we could not exist. Bless You!

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