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Sacrarium Birthday2019
Today we celebrate the second anniversary of the Sacrarium grid!
Two years is not a very long time in real life, but rather significant for the virtual world. Today we are pro...
Sacrarium Birthday2019

Today we celebrate the second anniversary of the Sacrarium grid!

Two years is not a very long time in real life, but rather significant for the virtual world. Today we are proud to present the results of our work. For two years now, the Sacrarium has been a source of high-quality stuff for all virtual worlds. The OpenSim universe has become so beautiful and diverse that it is virtually indistinguishable from the best commercial projects like Second Life. We sincerely welcome everyone who adheres to the tendency to follow the path of progress with us, filling the virtual worlds with the beauty and perfection that our users value so much. Our core values are peace and friendship of all peoples of the world.

Our last action was “Summer Amnesty 2019” when all bans for some grids were canceled. We decided to do this because of the large number of requests from users from other grids. Their request was completely logical, because they are not responsible for the policies of the home grid administration. Now users of any grid can freely visit the Sacrarium and use any materials! Unfortunately, we cannot help users from such grids, whose administration considers it necessary to use the «parental control» policy. Thanks to “Summer Amnesty 2019”, many problems of mutual understanding were resolved and today many grid owners finally shook hands with each other.

We are pleased to see that most people today share our core values, such as freedom of access to content and information in the modern digital age. Over the past two years, the diversity of content has greatly increased. For example, the “Expo Sacrarium” region can demonstrate a large amount of the latest content, which is available not only in the Sacrarium, but also in other grids specializing in content. Project “Expo Sacrarium” is a global exhibition of the most popular brands in the entire virtual universe of OpenSim. Here you will find samples of the best content that the most famous virtual stores from different grids offer, and here you can find HG links to those stores for grabbing more uncial stuff! If you want to establish your own brand, open a new store, then Expo is a great idea to introduce your project to all OpenSim users from all grids. Just dare!

For two years now, Sacrarium has been promoting the development of non-profit grids distributing content for free. We are waging a successful fight with copybot traders and blocking copybot-trading grids. Selling copybot in Opensim leads to the lost profit of real creators from Second Life, which should not be allowed. We are convinced that the only place you can sell content is Second Life, and OpenSim should be free. Copybot viewers such as Darkstorm is totally unacceptable in Sacrarium. Sacrarium is only grid where Darkstorm was directly forbidden.

Time passes and people's beliefs change towards free creativity and cooperation. We strive to break boundaries and expand horizons to allow people to realize their dreams.

Today we thank all our friends and all those who share our values and aspirations. Together, we are architects of freedom for the virtual society of the future. Thank you for being with us these two years!

Best regards,

Sacrarium team

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wicked 6 days ago
To the best of the best.. Happy Birthday and a million hugs! You make everything better.
Nimfettka 7 days ago
With all my heart I thank you for the wonderful congratulations, incredible and sensitive wishes, compliments, for all kind words! It is incredibly nice for the attention given and we are glad that such kind people surround us!
bebe 7 days ago
Happy Birthday :) muahhhhhhhh
bettyfl 7 days ago
Happy Birthday to the grid that brings unlimited joy and quality inworld !!!
Nebesnij 7 days ago
Jymmi 7 days ago
you are the best !!! happy birthday!
Kezan 7 days ago
Happy birthday, congratulations, I wish you to be brighter day after day
Realblonde 7 days ago
I want to congratulate you on your birthday Sacrarium. A lot of work has been done to achieve all that is now. I sincerely want to wish you development, stability. Let there be no obstacles in your way, everything makes it easy and simple. Happy holiday!
huan 7 days ago
We wish you stability always be afloat good luck, efficiency For many years.
Morgenstern 7 days ago
Happy Birthday, dear Sacrarium! I wish you thousands of online days and thousands friends. I pride of you, my friends! You are best.Thank you for everything! Hail Sacrarium! :)
Mountainman 7 days ago
Happy Birthday! Nice to congratulate such a team.Real success, without any problems! Happy Birthday!
ZoeBurke 8 days ago
С юбилеем Сакрариумная сетка. Я желаю вам всего наилучшего сегодня и навсегда. Всем крепких объятий
Happy anniversary Sacrarium grid. I wish you all the best today and forever. Big big hugs to all of you <3
Nimfettka 8 days ago
I want to say a big and sincere THANKS to our dear and wonderful team. You were true friends and faithful comrades. Thank you for the warm and friendly atmosphere in the team, for the excellent mood and optimistic attitude.
JimmyOlsen 8 days ago
Долгая жизнь в Грид :)