Just revamped the Ruth and Roth wall at Lunaria Emporium with the latest releases and accessories. All are free and full-perm. Here are the items available there:

Ruth 2.0 RC#3
Ruth Too RC3 by Sean Heavy
Ruth2 RC#3 Slim by Duck Girl
Elf Ears by Fred K. Beckhusen
Finger/Toe Nail Package (v3)
Hand Pose Package by Chimera Firecaster
Na'vi Apparel by Linda Kellie Designs
Tintable Bra and Panties by Linda Kellie Designs

Roth2 v2 Mesh Avatar - BOM Version
Roth2 v2 Mesh Avatar - OpenSim version
Roth2 v2 - Extras
Roth2 v2 - Resources
Roth2 v2 - Mesh Uploads

There is also a separate wall with direct teleports to HGLuv, Emmalena Damour, and Dollies, who all offer fine clothing for Ruth and Roth.

Lunaria Emporium is here to help you complete your vision. I sell only the highest quality original mesh, structures, and decor to take your world to a higher, more realistic level. Here you have many styles to choose from: Medieval, Gothic, Japanese, Classical, Steampunk, or Modern, all unique and all using the best quality textures and materials.

Lunaria Emporium is a Gloebit region, which means all products are sold for Gloebits and Gloebits can be purchased there as well.

You can find many of my products listed on the Kitely Market here:https://www.kitely.com/market?store=13957705
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Aferistka 2 months ago
Linda This was the first time in history that a Stolen Avatar was sold on the market for $ 25. Kitely
Aferistka 2 months ago
Open your eyes just 4 years ago.opensim
Aferistka 2 months ago
Roth2 v2 Mesh Avatar It is necessary to give people the opportunity to use it. This is who wants to return to 2007.
Marianna 2 months ago
Here is a bit of history about the Na'vi outfit. Many don't remember the kind things Linda Kellie would do for everyone. She was the first person who came to opensim giving freely all she would create, and if it was something needed that she had not created yet, then she would take the time to create it for you. This outfit is one of those creations. I installed a pandoran region at Virtual Highway around 2011 called Blue Moon. We had nothing at that time as far as Na'vi outfits so I had asked Linda if she could help. Within a day she had this created. Linda is the most giving person I have ever met. Without her in the early days of opensim, it would not have thrived. Some of us do remember, she had a genuine love for opensim and the opensim commnunity. Thank you, Linda, safe paths...