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New Asian-style region in Neverworld.
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Dear friends. The region is closed and deleted by the administration of the Sacrarium. It's sad, but life goes on. See you on other grids. Come to visit my regions, I am always glad to guests. Historical note “When people found the planet, New Caprica, Galaxy with Pegasus and several other larg...
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Historical note "Tauron is a planet, one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Known as the agricultural world." Part of Caprica Grid Welcome to the farm. We wish you a pleasant stay and a good mood. Join a group and take part in farm life. You are always welcome on the Caprica grid.
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Tauron City. Caprica Hypergrid
Model: Caprica Cylon. Photography & edition by Touche, Studio One.

At the lighthouse.


karate training place

Place to practice Tai Chi

One of the 12 colonies of Kobol. Part of Caprica Grid.