RaylanGivens RaylanGivens posted January 22, 2019, 09:17

Emergency Vehicles

Looking for emergency vehicles to complete a city sim, anyone have any idea where I can pick some up?


SpoileDivaCarissa 25 days ago
I have police , fire engines and ambulance on my sims... go to Planet Earth 28 or The Spoiled Diva Freebie store.... I am listed here
opensimworld 28 days ago
Wayda's shop in Lani mall in osgrid has a collection of airport emergency vehicles
logansryche 29 days ago
I have a couple of mesh ones at OpenBox on FurValleys Plaza. Their unscripted so if you're looking for something that moves and interact with should look elsewhere.
RaylanGivens 29 days ago
Unscripted is no big deal. I'll have a look when I get the chance thank you
Krystal 30 days ago
I think i saw some at Wrights Plaza on Osgrid, sorry i cant remember the store name, also i think Hawks Shack Shops at Great Canadian Grid have some as well.