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Gentle Fire Grid
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welcome to Gentle Fire Grid , a Place to call Home, Buy land and build your dream world Or your Dream club its up to you Make your special place at Gentle fire Grid and your welcome here.

Halloween 2

Beorn's House

Author: Darkness Papp/David Denny
Copyright CC BY-NC 4.0
Exclusive: yes---> This build is exclusive for Outworldz DreamGrid owners

Part of the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp

Beorn lived in a wooden house on his pasturelands between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, to the east of the Anduin. His household included an animal retinue (horses, dogs, sheep, and cows, among others, according to Gandalf, Beorn did not eat his cattle, nor hunt wild animals. He also grew large areas of clover for his bees.
Character Created By: J. R. R. Tolkien

When you rez this build, make sure your music is off, you will want to hear the sounds here. I hear, a billy goat, a wolf, and birds. A serene countryside estate with lush landscaping.
This lovely country cottage has beehives, horses grazing, and bales of hay to feed them. Entering the cottage, from the garden area, you will see Great Danes to guard you, and a cow eating hay. You will find this .oar file in the Outworldz DreamGrid free .oars

Fred Beckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.
Trey loves to tinker and create the magick at Mudflats and Tinkerville. Follow along his journey and visit anytime
“We gots yer basic Magikal wands, tortoise, bowls, blessin’s, hats, glassware, candles ‘n such. " Trey Magnifique

A 360 snapshot of Skull Town

Part 1 of our Welcome Region

American Graffiti world
Sockhop Party at the school gym
Musicians and dancers are all Animesh.
You can also dance with NPCs. Click the Mirror ball.

View of New Kingston. From the ashes it returns.

One of the attractions in New Hope of Grid Our Dawn is the Freedom House Museum. This museum is dedicated to those who have fought and died for freedom and equality in the United States in the years which lead up to the Civil War and the decades that followed. This is a historical museum and not designed to make a political statement though one may, perhaps, walk away with a more philosophical and moral point of view in that all human beings, while different in so many ways, are equal in value and worth and worthy to be treated with kindness and respect and fairness. We hope you will visit the museum and enjoy it and perhaps learn from it. New Hope, Pennsylvania, was, in fact, one of the first towns in the "Union" to become involved with assisting, aiding and abetting the Underground Railroad so we felt that this "Freedom House" museum was a fitting tribute. Our New Hope in Grid Our Dawn is loosely based on the town in Pennsylvania. Blessings - Thor.

RulusKaliopov: New Hope.. with you Pixel Player all hope is lost and believe me I mean this very seriously 13 days ago

Autumn has struck at Neiferleaf

KhennaReenberg: Being new to the grid, I recently had the pleasure of visiting - what a breath-taking place...I will visit again to experience Autumn. ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your labor of love and vision. 13 days ago

Lucia Island

Night in region. (Day cycle on real time)

Thirza Ember: kudos, it's really very flat 22 days ago
Blue Moon was established on February 1, 2012, in Virtual Highway grid. When VH closed we purchased our .oar file and named it Iknimaya which is a treacherous but fundamental rite of passage in which a young Na'vi hunter must select, capture, and successfully bond with one of the ikran.

You will find Iknimaya at grid

Avatar's Water World will soon be released come feel the spirit of the Na'vi.

Thank you to all the creators who made this possible, especially to Kayaker Magic for all the cool Pandoran animals like the Yerik and Ikran.

Johnny Rebel: Sweet! :D 23 days ago

Live Music Event Starting Now!
Greybeard Live Starting Now.
Take Portal @ landing
Come Join us at the beautiful Whispering Oaks.

View from the central events area.

But now another topic. Do you like art?
Then come and visit my gallery '.inspired by René Magritte' in the OSgrid in the region 'The Art Factory'.
There are also other artists represented. There is a lot to see!
This is a 360° snapshot from the 2nd floor with my newer pictures.

Luna Lunaria: I love your work Antonia :-) 1 month ago
The Village Shoppes in New Hope are available for $0 rent monthly and up to 500 prims, and you can place the Land Mark to your original shop there as well. This shows the surroundings of New Hope...the Bed and Breakfast, the bay and the amusement park. To enjoy the full beauty of our New Hope region at Grid Our Dawn, you have to visit and walk through it. I will be adding teleports to the various places of interest like Freedom House - a museum that commemorates the Underground Railroad and the activity of it. New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA, was one of the very first towns to participate in the underground railroad with the abolitionists. It truly is a place of New Hope. This region on Grid Our Dawn is not to be confused with the New Hope Grid which we highly recommend you visit as well.
This is the 360 view from our space needle (not looking like the one in Seattle but we call it like this. It is a high Tower exactly in the centre of the 5x5 sim) when you are in the restaurant.
I tried out first to take 360 snapshots with many different modes in graphics and snap shot preferences. Because you should all see from the tower there has to be a draw of 1024 meters. I tried out the newest Firestorm release but the snapshot is worse than with the older version. Daddy tried out too with his gamer PC but he has same results as I have with my Macbook. So it is a software problem.
The best result I can have so that all is building up and can be shown in a 360 snapshot to put graphics on high and snapshot on high. Although the bridge is broken it can be seen as the best graphic result so far. I tried first to put graphics on ultra and snapshot on middle, but then it is blurry and not really nice to watch for details far away. I tried out (as well as Daddy) to put graphics on ultra and snapshot on highest, but then the land out of the windows of the tower is then just empty land and could not build up. Why this is we don't know and we thought first it must work with Daddy's gamer PC. But it didn't.
So there is a lot of work to get 360 snapshot working in FS in highest quality. The newest release is worse than the older one for this. I thought it would be better if a new release is published.
But the result in graphics on high and 360 snapshot on high is not the best you could get in theory. This will be for any computer. Either Mac or Gamer PC.

A découvrir!! Zone Adulte Avatar enfant INTERDIT

Visiting Virunga today by @DebbieEdwards and @FerdFrederix if you are free please consider taking out some time to visit Virunga. I love it here, the Virunga Mountains are beautiful. I love to dance with the natives here.

RuSapphire: Wow. Impressive and very detailed build. It's almost immersive. Bravo. 1 month ago

Geile Party

The Lioness Den is a Savanna Safari that I originally created about a year and a half ago on another grid, and because that grid went private, I moved it to another then was invited to genesis roleplay grid. Here you will find that the Savanna has grown and gotten more beautiful and interesting with lots of animals to enjoy and some you can even pet. The settings are nice "watering holes" in the Savanna with beautiful animals and plants, waterfall and mystery places with tiny creatures, one just has to find them. Also be careful walking through the tall grass one never knows what lurks in there. :D
Kidron Valley was just north and east of Jerusalem and would separate the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. I've depicted it here as a nice little farming community of the era around 1010BC when David was King of Israel.
The region Freebies is totally redone, my own original art freebies are displayed in different rooms : VOID, PLANT, BRUSH, RED, CUBE.
Some accessories I made, EEP, at SOUP.
All Fest'Avi avatars at FESTAVI.

Just select a room from the teleporter. Please remind that for a best experience, enable EEP and advanced lighting model.
There's no stream but scripted sounds (not everywhere yet) all from Morlitam.

photo displaying VOID room

FinjaFlux: An inspiration! Your art is like fireworks and animates new ideas! Another wonderful work from you!!! Thank you!!!! 1 month ago

The view from the rooftop of New Hope's Bed & Breakfast. A large SIM with, rides, boating, diners, bumper cars & boats, lots to see and enjoy.

ThundergodThor: This is the New Hope region located at Grid Our Dawn. Hope. Hope to see you all there. And Misty is working on a tour train. She's done the bumper boats as well. We h... 2 months ago

Gay Dance Club auf der LGBT City

Testing another view @ Whispering Palms.

A 360 view of my Luxor region on Wolf Territories Grid, taken from the Bifrost bridge. You can visit by going here:

Misty_Falls: very pretty horizon, you'll have to give me some hints. :) 2 months ago

View of my home from atop the ridge dividing the 2 regions of Olympia and Xolraruta

Lands End .oar by @DarknessPapp. This 2x2 .oar is delightful. When you arrive, you will hear Saxophone playing by Mr. Sax. This magnificent sea port has great township builds with all the props for roleplaying a Pirate adventure.
The sounds here are nice of seagulls, sax, and water really lends to the theme here, you will love this sim! Free for DreamGrid owners. It is in the Outworldz free .oar dropdown list.
Outworldz-DreamGrid .oars
@FredBeckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.
You too can own your own Dream Grid!

Darkness Papp: Be great as long as no unicorns arrive 2 months ago
The Bridge of the USS Enterprise with a whole different view and twist. Role players of all species welcome. We believe you will find it fascinating. We have a full sized starship with various levels, rooms and functioning utilities and accessories. We do not however have voice, but we can create a role play channel on our Discord for those who would like to role play on this starship and star base...the Starbase is Asgard Dawn, situated in the Andromeda Galaxy in a planet that is life sustaining in a solar system very much like that of earth. Join us, it's the logical thing to do.

SchnTgaiSpock: Grid Our Dawn was down for a brief time this morning. It is up and functioning again. Apologies for any inconvenience. 2 months ago

UPDATED: Ozone MiniVerse - Atrius Station Telehub

Ozone MiniVerse presents: NOTHING! Experience Sensory Deprivation at it's finest! Only OUR events have NOTHING going on! We deliver everything promised in the brochure 100%:

Spax Orion: Do you feel like doing NOTHING? This is the place to DO IT! 2 months ago
Where I stand on the hill at the long bridge is the highest position to look far the whole 5x5 sim. You wonder why I don't fly? I even drive all streets with car. Seldom I tp. lol This sim is made to live realistic second life here as one whole city with suburbs. ;-) Of course, with RLV help for lifestyle.
It's the best try so far from the hill at the long bridge. Middle quality and it shows almost all. Because of the forest at the bridge, you can't see the Promenade and Rock Island. And far away along the mainland you can just imagine that at the end is the watchtower of the prison. The dimensions of a 5 x5 sim are really big. The edges of the sim are in diagonales "Rock Island" to our Home and the "nude Beach" to the big Prison at the end on an own island behind mainland. This prison is so big that all women in OS could be jailed there. lol (Okay, the rl women in OS. Not all the female Avis lol)
The problem with a 360 degree pic for a whole 5x5 sim is that you can't see all at the edges. The far distant view is just 1024 meters. To find the right point in the middle of a sim where it could be all seen what is important to see is difficult. Just one meter you move and e.g. the palms at the beach are gone. But you can't identify anyway on this pic where the beach is. Or to identify the watchtower of the prison, although all is there on the pic. Perhaps such picture can only give an overview how big a 5x5 sim is from the view of a resident living here. We are already 6 people living here. Beside Daddy and me, there are 4 other Residents living in the sin suburb. We all live lifestyle and RP. So this sim is not meant for vanillas.
I try to make other 360 snapshots with higher quality from other points to see Rock Island and the Promenade too. But then I guess something other is missing. This is my first try with 360 snapshot to have Panorama overview.
You can visit us on "" , which has no beacon here. You land in the Rave Cave of the Rock Island at one edge of the sim. From there you can TP to places where you get a car or bike or can use the Ponygirl Taxi express located on Promenade. Put your graphics on max and try out sunset light or even midnight at some places. There are many surprises of light effects, you will never see at midday and low/middle graphics resolution.

CyberGlo CyberStar: A quaint town embedded in the pines of anywhere, usa. You will see some things here that you won't see anywhere else in the grids, for example the lovely lighthouse in the harbor. An interesting pla... 2 months ago

Venis Woche Teilen Startet! In der Partyruine

Wir freuen uns

Me at my home region... yes it's random, like me ... lolz...
Sporting new sneakers from *La Cittadella Di Rachel* on craftworld thanx so much Rachel !!

PhotoTools-Owler skies, Maldives Water, from the roof of the Castle over Main Stage. YEAH BABY!

ClanEscotia: that's my girl !! 2 months ago

Figured out the max setting thingie :)

ClanEscotia: Welcome to my World, wont you come on in........... 2 months ago

Ihr seid die Geilsten!

test :)

Kashi Takeshi: Lovely place :) 2 months ago

Eine Runde Karussell im Kaufhaus.

Dorena Verne: Schöne Aufnahme, Xenos. :-) 2 months ago
I built this museum some time back, but was having difficulty thinking of what to put into it. Today's news gave me that nudge I needed to come up with something. I built a Memorial Stand that has a place for pictures and name plaques. They can be used for many different kinds of memorials however I chose the Star Fleet theme and added those cast members that folks are most familiar with - today I added Uhura and truly only Nichelle Nichols could bring that character to life as beautifully as she did. I will be adding more to the museum over time so stop in and visit. All are welcome.
Yay!! I finally finished the forest area for my friend, the witch. All she and her friends have to do is move in. Remember, that huge crashed space wheel, well the darn salvage team forgot to take it away.... hahaha.

The Hypergates are in. The skull gate worked great! If you would like a free skull gate I have one placed in front of the Monentes Jewelry store.

Playing with EEP again

Luna Lunaria: I love playing with eeps 2 months ago

La Nube
#newregion #arkhamgrid #2022

Another beautiful view of Rivendell by Darkness Papp

#oar #oars #darknesspapp #ferdfrederix #fredbeckhusen

Rivendell-Home of the Elves 
Outworldz 200th Free OAR is a very special one: the third in a series of six OARs to be released to you under the exclusive use license for the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp.For exclusive use only in DreamGrids CC-BY-NC
Thank you @FredBeckhusen and @DarknessPapp!
#oar #oars #FerdFrederix #DarknessPapp #FredBeckhusen #OutworldzDreamgrid

The Box
RemmyRavenhurst 10 hours ago
Oh are you serious Cyber?
AshaShanti 2 days ago
welcome back @Blake :)
Kashi Takeshi 2 days ago
Welkom terug @Blake
Symphony 3 days ago
\0/ Welcome Home Blake
Misty_Falls 3 days ago
@Nico, thanx, now i have that Thomas Dolby tune stuck in my head...lolz
Blake 3 days ago
Thanks ThundergodThor
ThundergodThor 3 days ago
@Blake, welcome back.
Blake 3 days ago
Hi everyone, back from SL. Like OS way better :)
Nico Kailani 3 days ago
Just read that boredom is the brain's way of telling you to do something not boring. Science!
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 days ago
you gotta buy 'em from me thirza!
Thirza Ember 4 days ago
lol@shea put me down for 3 of those
Nico Kailani 4 days ago
Someone has an idea for a new product and asks how many would buy it. Well, enough people would for there to several brands already on the market: I have a good idea for a product. It's called the internet, where you can look up this stuff.
Jack_Tann 5 days ago
SheaButter 5 days ago
@Cyber it's called a dishwasher. It uses electricity, and washes and dries the dishes. Now if you invented something to put them away. You would have a million dollar idea.
CyberGlo CyberStar 5 days ago
I have been washing dishes and thinking, how many of you would buy a battery operated dish scrubber? I think this could be my million dollar idea. Hit me back with the answer. Remember think positive!
Copper 5 days ago
Yep. Still so many naive adults here who listen to the "I am so awsome" cyber and using such "gadgets". My oh my
KrisTina 5 days ago
How can something that's lagging detect a DDOS? No script will detect a 68 gig per a bot smack. Sorry.
CyberGlo CyberStar 5 days ago
This ddos detector is new & improved, and contains no chicken or exlax.
CyberGlo CyberStar 5 days ago
I have made a ddos detector. It detects when your sim is under attack by the bad guys.
OpenSimUser 6 days ago
Well keep in mind, teenagers are now cooking chicken with Nyquil, so maybe there is reason lol
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The Etheria Grid 9 minutes ago
Beautiful! By any chance will you be offering a new version of your OAR for your lovely jewels?
SoA .BAD 4 hours ago
The House is rented, other Houses on request. Das Haus ist vermietet, andere Häuser auf Anfrage.
Arielle 7 hours ago
Wow, the paranoia in this thread is astounding, even by those posters who should know better. There is no way to tell that I am aware of, that shows the difference between someone using a CB viewer t...
KrisTina 13 hours ago
make this mount their head on demand. :)
Love it going to make a mesh one :)
DJTKO 15 hours ago
how do you get there it not letting anyone in smh lol
Froot Loops 18 hours ago
in some grids, they do copy your ass as soon as you land.
Faith Fromund 19 hours ago
Just purchased the Victorian Venue inworld at the main store. The build is absolutely beautiful and very similar to one I had in another world! Thank you so much for this! 5 STARS AMAZING CREATOR!!! ♥
CCI Grid yesterday
Ladies, this sim will never be accessible 24/7. But of course we are happy about every visit.


So very, very pretty and well done. I just love some of the buildings they used and wish I could find such ones. Nice place to visit and relax
MisBehave 12 hours ago
VICE City Airport Shop
Followiing on from the boat shop, so many freebie aircraft to choose from, we can be forgiven for feeling spoilt.
Blue Smith 19 hours ago
My viewer is banned eh? Why do you waste the time and space advertising your region if you're going to ban all the viewers. Maybe you think it's funny to let people try to come there only to be notif...
GramzyNang 20 hours ago
Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire... Je vous informe que nous avons un magasin dans la sim, nous n'avons que des vêtements pour le moment, nous mettrons également d'autres types d'objets prochaine...
Alex Mercury yesterday
I do not have access because my viewer, the latest in Firestorm, is banned. Okay well thanks, I guess I really don't want to come there anyway.
ThundergodThor 2 days ago
Bring your umbrella and rain boots! Keep building, friend, you have a great start!
thedeeferry 3 days ago
VICE City Boat Shop
The boats and ships here are a great find, as well as the scenic items for creating your own port, like cranes, docks, etc. And free too, so always a bonus. Lots of ship stuff to choose from.
Blue Smith 3 days ago
Como faz pra logar e registrar pf?
BiaFiredemo 3 days ago
Paha Sapa
Hello everyone and to the operators of the region Paha Sapa. I wanted to visit you yesterday. pity went not only for members of the group. Please change . Thanks
Suzan Von Otter 4 days ago

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