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Lbsa Plaza
10 Users 154 36 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
6 Users 71 10 9th
Welcome to our shopping region. Here you will find a lot of furniture, decor, plants and much more to take away. We are still expanding and wish you a lot of fu...

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See this worlds website: Every friday 12.00 am to 1 PM viewer time we organise a SAILING BATTLE with classical SPD ships. All welcome , as a captain, passenger or just audience, you will love the sight of the ships and the role-play ! Chose the Port Celyddon doo...

6 Users 12 0 11th
Viel SpaƟ beim shoppen, segeln, tanzen ... und mehr. - Have fun shopping, sailing, dancing ... and more.
5 Users 143 25 3rd
Adachi/CopyKat Grid now open to public Hi all you wonderful, special. goofy, FREEBIE shopping lovers !! Freebies Lot's of Freebies 20 plus regions of Fr...
Denny Hart's Shopping
4 Users 4 0 4th
Shopping and more...
4 Users 11 0 10th
Many styles of asian lands in an oniric version
4 Users 40 9 17th
The Trianon Complex is at present 3 different clubs The Ballroom a formal Event is held every Thursday 1pm PST The Fetish Factor Sundays 5pm PST and TGIF Frid...
Bondage Ranch
3 Users 7 0 6th
Relive the old days of Bondage Ranch at Littlefield Grid's replica of the original SL Bondage Ranch.
Moonrose Shopping
3 Users 73 0 14th
A Small Shopping Mall with selected items,and more to come
3 Users 3 2 34th
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