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Happy Valley Valley 0 Users
3rdLife Grid full sim version of the Satyr Farm. Come check it out and find the little extras we added
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Tessin 0 Users
See this worlds website: Mountainous 16 sims world, with lots of open sea. For Satyr farming players, TP is at the landing place. This world is made especially for sailing and sailing battles. Nature , fishing, hiking, old villages , role-play. Ships for sailor...
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Aquino 1 Users
Aquino is a small rural farming community with croft type cottages and farming using the Satyr Farm system and its various extensions Of course we are not living in the dark ages so we do have a region power grid and pumped water on the island! There are three parcels open for anyone to claim,...
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Red Rose Farm Rose Farm 0 Users
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Kling Farm Farm 0 Users
Hobby Farm- We also have a group joiner so people with this type of farm can talk with each other about things that can be improved or added to make are farms better. SATYR FARM. Also see their G+
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NewZealand 0 Users
Orcs, Dragons, Hobbits and Ents. What else?
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Kroatan 0 Users
Default region of Kroatan - Welcome Wasteland Absolutley depresssing desert with just one highlight: TELEPORTER to all other public regions of Kroatan Grid, which don't look like such depressing... ONLY accessible by TELEGATES (or Landmark): - Farmerama (SatyrFarm with NPCs and Quintonia extensio...
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Myst 8 8 0 Users
The OFFICIAL SATYR FARM MEGA REGION! For all things Satyr Farm, Come Here!
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La cite des Sacres_Reims cite des Sacres_Reims 0 Users
C'est une région de style orientale, avec la savane, la jungle, avec des animaux, et la ville. Ville avec une petite ferme Satyfarm avec des animaux de ferme. En visitant, vous trouverez un petit marcher, des objets copiables. Et un endroit caché dans le désert, une caverne d'alibaba :) Je vous la...
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GorMainland 0 Users
16 Sim Var region + 1 private region for Gorean development We have been working hard to develope useable bows for combat and will soon have our own combat meter We welcome roleplayers and those wanting to develop this Gorean Continent
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Northside Rhode Island Rhode Island 0 Users
Building a warm place to visit, this is a 10x10 with many things coming soon. We would sure love having you. This place now has a working farm and a residential area as well as the beginnings of a marina. There are lots of free items there. I am working on getting it up to a beautiful place to visit...
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World 0 Users
Under Constuction
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~Stillness of Calm~ 2 of Calm~ 2 0 Users
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Rabenfluegel 0 Users
A place for Dwarves, s and a small farm embedded in the landscape
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Sciavos Prosperity Farm Prosperity Farm 0 Users
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Vibrant 0 Users
Vibrant is my home region where I enjoy playing at my little Satyr Farm. Are you curious and would you like to try it out? Find out yourself. the farm has public access and you can play along as you like. I modified several objects to a more realistic look & feel (they are Full Perm if you'd ...
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Magnolia 0 Users
Build in progress, four seasons: freebies, fishing, farming, ice skating and much more to come.
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Sciavos Prosperity Farm Prosperity Farm 0 Users
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Ada Red Red 0 Users
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Magnolia Cove Cove 0 Users
I run my Satyr Farm on my own grid, Pacifica with Dreamgrid. Not online 24/7.
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Blue Otis Otis 0 Users
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IG Satyr Farm Satyr Farm 0 Users
4x4 VAR region hosting the Infiniti Grid: Evolution Satyr Farm. Join the group to work the farm. You can also use either an Infiniti Account or a HG account to access a parcel for your own farming needs. (landscaping work in progress).
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Almost Farm Farm 0 Users
Starting the Satyr Farm and having much fun with it lol
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Fae Farms Farms 0 Users
3 Satyr Farms operating here. Wear the HUD and play the game. Lots of pretty scenery, the quad cars are great fun for 4Wdriving. A few little romantic spots, and yes most things are copyable. WARNING: A graphically intense region, give things time to rez. *** A Project in progress.
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Damour Enterprise Three Enterprise Three 0 Users
Damour Farms is located here as well as the west half of Ocean Waves Mall.
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Alarian 0 Users
Rp sim that uses Konk Combat and Satyrfarms roleplay systems to add to the reality. over 15 sims worth of play area. Some nudity is allowed for character reality. No child avatars Allowed.
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Rose Wood Farm Wood Farm 0 Users
Welcome! Happy to be a farmer
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Eternal Love Love 0 Users
Soon to be the 12 Districts Of Panem of differnt cultures , with farming and more ( still Under Construction )
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New Tampa Tampa 0 Users
a place to meet with friends. have fun, chat, dance. etc. also fun breeding and farming.
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Moon Dance Dance 0 Users
Home of .:Moon Dance Designs:., Mirror/Mirror, Promises, A Little Dare, and MDD Classic Style for Men. The region also offers places to relax and chill, and Crescent Moon Farms, our Satyr Farm. The shopping plaza also offers shop rentals as well. Adjacent to Crescent Cove, home of Southern Breeze cl...
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Trumufleyg 0 Users
As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but they call themselves Vikings.
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Cove Norris Norris 0 Users
The SatyrFarm with awesome addons.
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Argentina 0 Users
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Alsium 0 Users
Alsium, and the roleplay which occurs here, is "loosely" based on the historical ancient Roman city of Alsium but it is merely an interpretation of what may have occured there.
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The Crossroads Crossroads 0 Users
The Crossroads music hot spot on Discovery Grid. The Crossroads, The Stadium and The Blues clubs. Check listings for upcoming events. See the Morgan Farms of Port Royal. Our farm version of the Satyr farms. Come visit and see our farming techniques. Stop in and look around. Hope to see you there.
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