IntrepidBoudica IntrepidBoudica posted February 6, 2019, 02:48

Metropolis the deadline is Feb 24

After Feb 24 there will be no more free accounts in Metropolis, All users will have to give their Private Info (Payment Info) All assets and accounts will be deleted, and only if you pay you will be able to restore your old assets.


EcaterinaTeodoroiu 3 months ago
Now (March 03 2019) It's not possible to register...
simonaskytower 4 months ago
Well here it is 1st of March 2019:
Has anyone tried to open a new avatar account for Metropolis?
Has anyone downloaded the suggested Opensimulator 0.9.1 from the Metropolis Web Site to attach your region to the new Metro?
Good Luck!
Latisha_Jones 3 months ago
Funny you should mention that. I used my old link that pulled up welcome but nothing happened. I tried a few more, nothing. I went to the web site and found ancient posts dating back prior to 24 February 2019.

Amazingly also: Hypergrid Business shows grid statistics and popularity ranking for Metropolis grid dated 8 March 2019? Wonder how that happened?

If there is a new Metro Grid.. it is a mystery to me too!
SkedGrabber 4 months ago
Everyone can contact me for any info about good grid.
AlmaMiranda 4 months ago
Hi What kind of grid do you mean?
AngelaBarzane 4 months ago
The slave grid type, they give you land then you can't hypergrid all you can do is to work for them for free, that was the 1st business they had now i don't know what type of new scam they are using. Grid name is Party Destination grid a grid that never makes partys but they like and use that name. When i was there i did ask for a female body so the grid owner gave me a muscular shemale avi, i'm not sure if now they have basic meshbodys that are free everywhere or if they sell the free ones for RL money.
Jadessa 4 months ago
You're kidding ... lol, my my my you people have certainly hit the bottom of the opensim FREE chain.. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!
eaglewealth 4 months ago
Am sure metropolis will likely to lose many people on that grid once the metropolis no longer offer free hosting regions.
logansryche 4 months ago
It's for this and many other reasons why my estate stays parked in OSGrid. Yes I charge for full regions however, I also have free parcels. Grids need to learn that when you snuff out freedom of choice, they will disappear. InWorldz found this out the hard way and it sounds like Metro will also.
ohmydidi 4 months ago
Have you tried to teleport from osgrid to sacrarium grid lately?
Ruh Roe ...
Have you heard Paolea (spelling?) rant about "if you have any copybot on your region expect to be banned from osgrid immediately ! Have had several friends get that message.
logansryche 4 months ago
I haven't to either but that's all Paolea ever does is rant, I don't put much stock into it. Don't hypergrid much anymore either, busy running an estate.
roboman 4 months ago
your exactly right coder ... metropolis, digiworldz etc. are the "walking dead". They have just not realised it yet. Freedom of choice is what the majority want not cute little tech web pages.
Grids that want to dictate where residents can go and content they are allowed to acquire are finding themselves against popular opinion.
As metropolis and other grids build walls around themselves they become more isolated.
The future of opensim is freedom in all aspects and the massive popularity of decentralised mini grids are showing the way forward. The days of large centralised grids dictating policy for their residents are over.
The grids that are thriving are the very ones metropolis and digiworldz have banned hahahaha.
RIP metropolis and others.
IndianaSummers 4 months ago
I always thought the whole concept of "Opensimulator" was a platform for developers and users to "share" concepts and code with others in a fully open and free environment. There was NEVER any commercial aspect to Opensimulator in the beginning when developers and users met weekly to discuss progress. The server(s) for testing Opensimulator were donated, while there were annual drives to ask for donations like any other open source development. Donating to server rental space has never been mandatory but always considered the "right" thing to do if you are using that space for your own benefit. Attaching a server to Opensimulator with the idea of renting land is ludicrous and likened to accepting free samples and selling them on eBay. That kind of behavior is wrong and always has been. Metropolis does not want to be a part of a free and open source community. Setting a mandatory fee to join or partake into a donated environment (Opensimulator) is equally wrong. Shame on you Metropolis. If you can not get donations, set a time limit for free attachments. Require they not use donated space for commercial gain. Do what is right Metro!
coder 4 months ago
english below

Copper komm doch mal in die Realität zurück und wach m mal wieder auf. Metro (hier die Administratoren) hat mit der Entscheidung Adachi aus dem Grid zu werfen und die Verbindungen zum Saccrarium Grid zu sperren sein eigenes Todesurteil unterschrieben. Nachdem die Sperren aktiv waren, haben die Metro user Massenweise das Grid verlassen. Sicherlich kommt von Dir nun das Argument, das Metro viel DCMCA Meldungen bekommen habe. Ich habe eher die Vermutung, dass Metro der sprunghafte Anstieg von Assets im Robust zu viel wurde. Auch die jährlichen Spendenaufrufe hängen den Usern irgend wann mal zum Halse raus. Haben die Administratoren wirklich geglaubt, dass User, die in ihrer Entscheidungsfreiheit beschnitten wurden auch noch spenden? Nun kommt als nächster Höhepunkt die Umstellung auf das Grid mit Gebühren.. Cooper, seit dem Metro das verkündet hat, haben wohl die meisten Grid Betreiber (inklusive mir) viele Anfragen von SIM Betreibern bekommen, die in das andere Grid andocken wollen. Auch die Good Will Aktion, dass man nun auf die 0.9 umsteigen möchte, kommt mindestens 1 Jahr zu spät.
Copper come back to reality and wake up again. Metro (here the administrators) has signed its own death sentence with the decision to throw Adachi out of the grid and block connections to the Saccrarium Grid. After the locks were active, the Metro users have massively left the grid. Certainly comes from you now the argument that Metro got a lot of DCMCA messages. I rather suspect that Metro has been overstated by the surge in assets in Robust. Also, the annual donation calls are sometimes the users hang out. Did the administrators really believe that users who were curtailed in their freedom of choice still donate? Now the next highlight is the conversion to the grid with fees .. Cooper, since the Metro has announced, probably most grid operators (including me) have received many requests from SIM operators who want to dock in the other grid. Also, the Good Will action, that you want to change now to the 0.9, comes at least 1 year late.
Copper 4 months ago
This is not true. It was posted in metro forum that also after feb 24th people can create a new avatar also without paying. But then the one cant rezz at mainland / public sanboxes. This is all.
People everywhere pay with paypal... Whats the problem about it
AngelaBarzane 4 months ago
Truth is absolute, Reality is cognitive. I don't care about your scifi reality in a distant galaxy teleport back and face the truth. Truth is when you use your paypal you give your private info. Privacy has no price so quit low IQ argues next time think twice before you type!
Copper 3 months ago
Are you coder sponsored, or do you realy live in another world. What does my sci fi interest has to do with truth and fake infos? I dont comment about your obvious IQ level :-)
miny 4 months ago
Buh Bye Metro ...