logansryche logansryche posted April 5, 2019, 16:54

Is it Just Me..

Is it just me or is everyone hopping into the opensim game with their own grid? I'm not against it, i'm just curious :D


JustynTyme 1 months ago
Having your own grid is nice! FREE! if you host it on your own PC but ist always nice to have your own Private or Paid server to host your grid. I pay for my server and love being a grid owner.
oopsee 2 months ago
the trend and future of opensim are *mini grids* .. people want freedom from oppressive grids that restrict content, travel to other grids, etc.
mini grids are decentralised and offer the best of opensim freedom
LyudmilaPavlichenko 1 months ago
Agree after the Sim the next step is the Grid people also get more Freedom, Privacy, and no stupid TOS, Big grids don't get so laggy. i Like it :-)
logansryche 1 months ago
oh yeah i wasn't trying to knock it, I was just curious :D I think everyone that ventures out into Opensim should run their own mini grid first to get their feet wet.