AstridMoon AstridMoon posted May 5, 2019, 13:27

Venice buildings? ;)

Hello folks,
im planning to open a Venice theme sim.. unfortunately havent found nothing around HG (mesh preferred..), please if anoyone know a shop where i can found someting interesting, can contact me?


IntrepidBoudica 21 days ago
look for bridges in the harbor sim at sacrarium grid, you can also take a copy of the main structure has tunnels with waterways ;)
AstridMoon 19 days ago
good idea, thx ;)
LiNa 21 days ago
I have gondola you might like?
AstridMoon 19 days ago
cool.. meet up at your sim soon ;)
LiNa 18 days ago
helo, i am not on very much until weekend, you can go to .. and look for region, Singapore and is free to copy (I think, hahahaha) or tell me what grid you are and I will send to you, :)
AstridMoon 17 days ago
cool~ you can find me at astrid.moon@foundation.grid or ;)