DannyC DannyC posted May 10, 2019, 19:36

Raising the Magnus Binder FREE Terrains legacy

As a tribute to Magnus for all his hard work he did for us. Both in OpenSim and Second Life I have created a website where we can share his work and other terrain files https://terrains.dynamicworldz.com/ info on how to submit any works that have been missed out can be found on the "about" tab. All terrains are FREE to download, use and share


AngelCasanova 12 days ago
TYVM ^-^
DannyC 10 days ago
You are very welcome :)
We will be adding many more including a new range of fun region shapes to the collection over the next few weeks/months
DannyC 14 days ago
Now open the Terrain Store region https://opensimworld.com/hop/82029-Ter... to get the HyperGrid links