Krystal Krystal posted May 19, 2019, 11:39

Club DaBoom on Exiled grid _ Every Monday

6-8am (grid time)
DJ Dana - streaming her live radio show to the Club.
Adult region , clothing optional.
Classic Rock, cold coffee, hot beer, free wifi :)


Krystal 28 days ago
Actually, ty abernice, for bringing this to my attention, about this section being a General Discussion one.....I looked through previous posts and I am wondering what is classed as 'shameless promotion' .... and what is classed as general discussion.... I estimate it is probably 25% to promotion (I would not call it shameless).... I tried to look for the TOR for the General post but couldn't find them, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, I am very willing to abide by them. I absolutely support the concept that the creators of OPENSIMWORLD .. are providing , it is an amazing and useful service, which has become my ' bible' in open sim, so therefore do not wish to abuse any of their TOS.
abernice 28 days ago
your welcome, in my opinion posting an event is promotion and not a "topic for discussion or seeking help". Posting an event in a forum designed as a place for discourse is shameless and serves only to spam and attract attention.
There are no TOS that I can find stating one can not post whatever they want here in this discussion venue so I am expressing my opinion only.
I think opensimworlds provides several advantageous places to advertise events and are designed to generate maximum views. Using a forum named "discussions" would clearly not be one of them I would also posit that few would peruse this discussion forum to find events to attend.
Your post is not a discussion and my comment here certainly does no make it one. Want to make this a legitimate discussion remove your event advertisement and create a new discussion "subject" such as .. "Should this discussion forum be used for advertising and posting events?" Now that would qualify as a discussion as it clearly asks for discussion of a topic.
I also posted the same message to those who posted event or advertising as well. Don't want you to think I am picking on you ;)
Wonder how you will feel when this forum is spammed with adverts and event postings and yours is lost among them? Especially when you are interested in finding help or want to discuss something that is important to you and your post is buried and goes unseen among all the spam adverts or event postings?
You don't agree with with my opinion is fine so spam your events here and feel good about it.
Krystal 28 days ago
TY it is now being discussed :) ....if this is not an appropriate post, I appreciate admin advising me.
abernice 28 days ago
this post is not a discussion but shameless promotion .. kinda sad to have to spam inappropriate places to get attention