JustynTyme JustynTyme posted May 21, 2019, 21:22


Does anyone know a good inexpensive server with windows to host a grid? Is looking to move from where I am. Thanks in advance.


Arielle 27 days ago
"Inexpensive windows server" is a contradiction of terms. You will be paying at least $10 per month more for the Windows license over and above a linux one.
JustynTyme 26 days ago
eh I pay $35 for my windows license lol plus server cost.
AlmaMiranda 28 days ago

Select only the country you want.
JustynTyme 28 days ago
It don't give me country option
eaglewealth 28 days ago
try search google and type dedicated server or vpn server that will come up in search.
Touche 28 days ago
Good and inexpensive - is NOT a windows.
JustynTyme 28 days ago
Windows can be expensive I prefer windows over linux
logansryche 28 days ago
even though you and I have had discussions on this, 98% of em use linux. Good luck in your search ^_^
JustynTyme 28 days ago
They can stick Linux up the yinyang I'm a windows user and always will be :-)
logansryche 27 days ago
as I said, good luck in your search