SpaxOrion SpaxOrion posted April 8, 2017, 22:27
OpenSIM Payment Methods - What is your opinion?

I have seen a lot of Gloebit enabled sims popping up on Opensimworld and a few months ago, I was asked by a consumer if I would consider offering Gloebit as a payment method. I will consider any means to make shopping for my customer convenient as long as they meet the following criteria. 1. The currency must be simple to install 2. The addition must be user customizable and 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, if it contains aggressive marketing tools such as pop-ups, they must be able to be turned off as I wish to avoid showing favoritism to any payment method. While my interaction with Gloebit staff has been very professional, at present their offering DOES NOT fully meet my requirements.

I am interested in your opinion on this. As a consumer, do you find pop-up messages annoying? When you are visiting a region to go to a dance, do you enjoy pop-up messages asking you to authorize a payment module? Or would you prefer to have a user experience which will give you dialog messages ONLY WHEN YOU ASK FOR THEM?

At the end of the day I think it all boils down to this: Good content on Opensim is hard to find and if you are selling a product that people really want, they will go to any lengths (within reason) to get it, even if it means opening an account on Kitely Market or registering into another currency system. I want to give my consumers the best possible shopping experience without using aggressive tactics that other vendors love to invoke. As a consumer myself, I am put off by aggressive sales tactics and that affects my decision on who I will do business with.


SpaxOrion 6 months ago
Of further interest related to this topic: I decided to post a NO-SPAM policy at the entrance of my region. It is a full perm vendor anyone may copy. Why should visitors be nagged about payment methods when they enter your region for reasons other than shopping? Being inundated with pop-ups at the point of entry is a pill I will never force my visitors to swallow. Landmarks and notecards are only dispensed when the end user touches something.
OttovonOtter 6 months ago
I left SL and came here to escape capitalism. I have that in RL, don't need it in my spare time. I am willing to share and to pay people who run the servers, but I find money is annoying. Popping windows and data collecting providers may burn in hell as well as DJs who talk while a song is on.
We are here to have fun and to escape our problems; like dieing lovers, brest cancer, health insurance trouble, infinite mortgages and 13 year old daughters in love with a rockstar twice as old than me.
Why must any simulation of RL always be a simulation of capitalism? Why don't we just share and enjoy ourselves in our short mesured leisure time? Let's call it life time.
Work is sold life time and in my so called spare time I really need this like I need scabies. Sorry for being ... (more)
SpaxOrion 6 months ago
Thanks for taking the time to comment. The effort it takes to run a server is far less than the effort required to make quality content so why should only grid operators get paid? I had a number of people ask me to port my content from SL to Opensim and many of those ports are offered free of charge but I cannot afford to give away everything I create. It is difficult to convince content creators to come to this platform, I was a skeptic myself until I found out how much more Opensim is capable of. I decided to stick around and make some nice content for the hypergrid but I feel that I should be able to get a return for my time invested to make AAA quality goods.
JustynTyme 6 months ago
I think all grids should have same currency no matter what grid you visit by loggin into it or hyper grid to it. It would make virtual living so much easier!!! A virtual currency for all of Virtual world :-)
SpaxOrion 6 months ago
Wouldn't that be a novel idea... but WHO would control that currency? When there is no competition in the marketplace the currency provider could take advantage of that situation to THEIR BENEFIT, not for the consumer who relies on their currency for intangible goods. People will opt for the currency provider who gives the best value to the customer and the merchants who are putting food on the table. That is the nature of Open Source. Because of the OPEN nature of Opensim, it is unlikely that one currency provider will win out over all.
justin 2 months ago
I find it troubling that people can't just chill out and make a decision for themselves and let others do the same. No one is forcing people to use currency or buy thinks. There are plenty of free items around the opensim metaverse. Regarding currency, the answer is cryptocurrency Spax. I use both Bitcoin, and now more so Dash. Been using these for well over 2 years now on a daily basis. I keep substantial amounts of money in crypto as they are the future - despite what the ignorant and naysayers may claim. These are decenralized currencies so no one "controls" them - mathematics conrols them. No one dictates whether you can get your money out, no one can deny you an account or freeze your balance. No disguntled grid owner can do a runner and refuse to release your money. As the ... (more)
justin 2 months ago
Apoligies for the typos above - my brain works faster than my fingers :P