SpaxOrion SpaxOrion posted August 8, 2017, 19:00

Opensim: Is it wrong to impose rules on your region?

When you visit someone's house in real life, you would be expected to follow the owner's rules. Obviously, if you crashed the party, trashed the place or caused some other form of disturbance, you would never be invited to return. Further, you could face criminal charges. Here in Opensim we have people who vehemently take offense at landowners who make rules in order to comply with the LAWS of their country or simply because they want to keep their simulation operating with a theme. Is it wrong to place rules on your land and if so, WHY IS IT WRONG?

My understanding of Opensimulator is as follows: Opensimulator SOFTWARE is FREE & open sourced. I have used open sourced software for many years and I rely on it for 90% of my work-flow. Under a separate alias in real life I contribute to open source in many ways, mostly in the area of providing support but I have also been instrumental in software releases.

So... the software is FREE as in Freedom. Doesn't that mean I am FREE to use the software in a way that I feel is ethically or socially acceptable? I did not see anything in the Opensimulator license that says "YOU MUST HAVE ALL OF YOUR REGIONS FREELY OPEN TO EVERYONE" ... "YOU MAY NOT USE SECURITY ORBS FOR PRIVACY" ... "ANYTHING YOU CREATE WITH THE SOFTWARE MUST ALSO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE"... Someone correct me if I am wrong here, but I really need someone to show me where this is documented because I cannot find anything to that effect anywhere online.

The term OPEN in OPENsimulator refers to the SOURCE CODE... You can SEE the code, you can CHANGE IT and because of the BSD license Opensimulator uses, you are not obligated to make your code changes visible to the next person. There is nothing in the BSD license prohibiting you from SELLING your changes to the code. IT DOES NOT GIVE YOU DIRECTIVES ON HOW YOU MUST USE THE SOFTWARE.



Sexxyladie 6 months ago
ty for this post Spax. I agree with everything that has been said!! respect earned is respect given and vise versa...
TrizzyHunter 6 months ago
I totally agree Spax what a grid owner sets in place for rules should be respected by all. But as always there are going to be those who complain and even go as far as to slander the venue owner or grid owner for these rules. With what has been read lately on Hypergrid Business regarding some recent happenings on a grid the staff on our grid have imposed a no child avatar rule. And of course there are those that don't like it and have now began a slander campain against the venue owners. It's a shame people can't just show the same respect they want in return and have to resort to such childish tactics to give a grid a hard time and try to mar their reputaion.
DelilahDragon 8 months ago
I just read your post. As a content creator, I agree, I do make some items and post them on other chat sites, which have market places. I do charge for some when there is a fee to upload, I think it only fair to recover any expenses. I also offer them free on many other places, I give more away than I charge for but custom orders do take extra time, I do not think you are incorrect in feeling the way you do. These most of the time are hosted on our own personal servers, and yes it is your house and you are king/queen of your domain. If people are rude and do not use common sense, then yes I feel if people are going to act immature like a child then they should be treated as such, I have rules and Terms of Service posted on my stand alone sim, and even in the ones i ha ... (more)
justin 12 months ago
I totally concur Spax. I think the main problem is one of expectations and perspective. Many of us come from SecondLife and we all remember all too well teh restrictive nature of the SL grid. In comparison OpenSim seems like the the wild west, and place for freedom loving libertarians. In some ways it is, but in others it is not.

As you say the simulator software is free, but how we use it for our projects, grids and themes is not.

Like all communities we have our share of die-hards, the extremists who insist everything should be free. Then those who want to make OpenSim a clone of SL as in commercial grids. Then there are those like me who have a more balanced approach who don't mind having commercial (pay for) content available in OpenSim along side all t ... (more)