oopsee oopsee posted October 25, 2017, 04:44
Comments on Region Listings

A few peoplle are posting comments on region listings more as a forum or discussion topic than actual region comments. They have been taking the form of revenge and hate that lead to a back and forth post and reply such as in a forum. There are places for this and I don't think the region comments section is the place.
These grief comments are distracting for those people who would like to read real comments that actually relate to the region.
The only solution has been closing the comments section and this seems "a few bad apples ruin the whole basket" kind of remedy.
This closing of comments only serves those imature people who seek to create havoc and grief.
I would like to see a more reasoned and fair deleting/banning of these kinds of comment posts and possibly banning those who feel they have been wronged by a region or grid and persist in seeking revenge by using the comment section as their own personal waging of a grief war.


SpaxOrion 17 days ago
I would have to agree with you oopsee, turning off comments seems to work for now but I think having the ability to moderate comments on our own listings would be a better option.
DorenaVerne 2 months ago
What you say is correct In addition, I have the feeling that the hate and grudges more in OpenSim.