logansryche logansryche posted September 5, 2018, 16:36


Well that time has come for me to toss something out there that may or may not be tangible for folks. I found out today I can bring more regions online past the 42 I already have online so here's the pitch: I'm looking for investors in the Fur Valleys. I honestly thought the entire thing was going to bomb since when I had two regions going in JOG no one paid any attention to it. That and I thought the experience itself was going to be similar to Amazon's EC2 experience and that one wasn't that great.

The VPS I'm running through Microsoft Azure on trial is a 4-cpu instance(as in 4 physical cpus) with 16gb of ram. Each cpu is a Xeon 8-core with 16-threads totaling 32-cores/64-threads. It's projected that once the trial is over server cost will be roughly $200/mo. For those that invest in paying for it, I'll bring online a full region in OSGrid for each person(or give a region in the valleys, their choice). Those that invest will also have a say in what additional regions are brought online, what their to be named, their content, etc...

The end goal is to continue what Redfox, Kithylin and the other valley founders started, and that was a stable place for everyone to call home. To create a community made up of not just Furs or Nekos but of everyone -Furs, Nekos, Humans, Bronies, etc.. I honestly believe it can be done, I just can't do it alone.

If anyone's interested, let me know.


fcooper 7 days ago
Running Servers on Amazon EC2 is not that expensive, i have run up to 250 regions off of 4 of the smallest instance sizes(Not occupied regions,but you get my point)
opensimworld 13 days ago
Not a furry, but $200 / month for that server seems expensive. Have you looked at dedicated servers such as OVH , hetzner or soyoustart ?
logansryche 12 days ago
I haven't however the price does pay for a 4-core 16gb ram setup and when I looked up the CPU each one is 8-cores/16 threads totaling 24-cores/64 threads. Technically enough of a setup to run 50 plus regions or start my own grid. I figured I would see if there was any interest since my parcels are starting to get occupied.

The setup right now is the downgrade from the 4-core 16gb setup to a 2-core 8gb ram setup(I don't notice a different in performance/lag/etc..) however the processors are the same so i still have 16-cores/32-threads to play with for $80/mo but still, I proposed to see if there was interest. Thanks for replying.
opensimworld 12 days ago
I just hate seeing people overpaying for underpowered "cloud".
opensimworld 12 days ago
yeah i m saying you can get the same for only $40 as a dedicated server. Example: https://www.hetzner.com/dedicated-root... . Not affiliated with them, others like OVH and soyoustart have similar deals.
logansryche 12 days ago
I understand. This was one of the reasons why I went with Azure as I'd tested out Amazon EC2, and Amazon is cloud-based and their system is conveluted in terms of ease of use, billing, etc... Azure is an actual VPS, not cloud-based. The one I'm on in particular is a windows VPS based in a datacenter here on the east coast. When I log in to the instance, it's like I'm logging into my computer. This might be why Azure is priced higher, because it isn't cloud-based.
logansryche 13 days ago
Dropped the plan down from a 4cpu/16gb ram to a 2cpu/8gb of ram and I don't see a difference. Also tried Azure's smallest plan and ran out of room before the server was even up. This plan will run an estimated $80/mo instead of $200 and the rest of the proposal applies.