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eaglewealth eaglewealth posted September 27, 2018, 08:25

About opensimworld pro yearly membership

I get this message after i edited something in words and it come up saying for "You have reached your limit of 5 region listings. To add more regions, Become a pro member" meaning to buy 300 coins yearly membership to pay to have it edited in regions in profile. Anyone aware of this is happening?


oopsee 24 days ago
Look bottom of this page "pro membership"

Enjoy OpenSimWorld without Ads. Pro subscription removes advertising
Adds the "Pro" star ✥ next to your profile name
Allows you to add up to 100 regions to your account
Allows you to upload more than 200 photos
eaglewealth 24 days ago
yes I know but when i edit some words in regions it wouldnt let me go pass to click to save as it tell me to go pro membership.
oopsee 23 days ago
oh, guess it is because you have 13 regions listed .. I suppose if you only had 5 or less then ok?
eaglewealth 22 days ago
yes oopsee if less than 5 is ok free but if it more then pay 300 coins for a year as a pro membership.