logansryche logansryche posted October 2, 2018, 01:25


Evening everyone, does anyone know how to get an Icecast server going on a Ubuntu 18 server? I think I'm doing something wrong but not sure. Any help is appreciated.


opensimworld 8 months ago
make sure you have port 8000 open in your firewall

edit /etc/icecast.xml

change the <source-password> in the <authentication> section

in <listen-socket> set <shoutcast-mount> to /stream
in <listen-socket> comment out or delete the <bind-address> line

then run icecast (not sure how you are supposed to do this in ubuntu 18) :

/etc/init.d/icecast restart

you can connect to your server with IP, port 8000, the password you set above and mount point /stream

you can check if your server works by visiting http://your.ip.address:8000/