logansryche logansryche posted September 5, 2018, 08:16

Some LSL Help

Hello everyone, looking for some scripting help. At one time HyperGrid Business had an article about using Google sheets as a database but since they've changed how sheets are handled, it's broken the code. Anyone know how to do this? It's the only method I can think of to make my project cross-hypergrid.


Lunasea 9 months ago
It'd be better to get yourself a cheap webhost and store it in a MySQL database. Google changes their code pretty regularly so using them for that kind of storage will likely cause nothing but migraines trying to update the code every time they change.
logansryche 9 months ago
I did think of that, also thought about the in-world database but I don't think I could use that to send and receive over hypergrid. I'll have to experiment.
teddlesruss 5 months ago
Yep, how's this coming along? I've set up Outworldz packaged server for my world, and I get (unavailable) beside 90% of my inventory in some places. it's a bit annoying and I'm still new enough to HG to not know if it's set by the destination sim owners, or if it's a problem with my setup...

I thought persistent inventory was one of the things hypergrid was supposed to enable.
FImfx 7 months ago
Are you progressing?
logansryche 5 months ago
I've reluctantly decided to keep things as they are as I notice I have issues when OSGrid updates, and updating myself fixes it. When it comes to HG transfer, it's dependant on the hosts internet. If your server is on your home network and your net isn't up to snuff or the grid you're trying to HG to is having asset issues or other issues, you might not get everything.

I've never ran into the issue myself so it's more of a guess then anything.