Stephen_Daughtry Stephen_Daughtry posted December 20, 2017, 12:56

Unable to Verify Identity

I'm new to the metaverse...I'm trying to explore some of the grids, but i receive the error message, "Unable to verify identity"...what do I have to do to be able to teleport to grids here...?


MotoSapa 1 years ago
different codes mean different things \ unable to verify / check ports needed and host file for your grid name and nat loop back set up and net frameworks
oopsee 1 years ago
GRIDS BAN BUT DO NOT TELL YOU - if you get teleport error message "user identity not verified or unable to contact grid" then your grid admins have decided "for you" what places you are "not allowed to visit" - in other words you are not adult or responsible enough to choose for yourself - they must decide for you ;))
Hypergrid Teleports fail for many reasons -- if your not sure contact your grid admin's and ask them.
Arielle 1 years ago
It depends. Sometimes just requires the region you are jumping from to be restarted. Other times the region you are trying to access needs to be restarted.. But it could also unfortunately be a problem with the router/network configuration.