ShadowsMyst ShadowsMyst posted May 19, 2019, 03:33

SF Charger, SF Wind Turbine, SF Mine

Hello, I found these items on Satyr's farm in the space region above the farm...I took a copy of them... SF Charger, SF Wind Turbine, SF Mine... I am sure there is more... just not sure what all I would need... I know there has to be a storage for the output of what I make or a place to fuel something or item...Does anyone know what this is all about? Please help....


JustynTyme 26 days ago
Yes, its farming :-) What do you want to do with what you found? Farm crops, animals or both. I recommend starting slow until you get used to it, cause it can get overwhelmed and then you'll back off from you :-( For crops all you need is a water pump, wind pump and the fields for crops. They can be set to auto water and some can be auto harvest. But you have to put the harvest away yourself. For animals you'll need water and wind pump and crops, some animals lay eggs and some have the animals. eggs normally take 72 hours. Once the animal is born you need a food container or bowl. which has water and food. It can be complicated but it don't have to be and Id be glad to help you get started. Just give a shout.