TyphaineArtez TyphaineArtez posted March 25, 2019, 23:41

Happy Hour


I see a button "Start Happy Hour" on my region. What's the goal of it, what does it do?


bettyfl 2 months ago
Just try not to press the "Happy Ending" button :)) you will crash the whole grid :P kisses :-*
Zindraya 2 months ago
It's mainly used to let people know that an event or party is taking place on your region, it can only be used once per day and displays for 1 hour
TyphaineArtez 2 months ago
ok, thank you for the info :)
AlmaMiranda 2 months ago
A cocktail glass icon will appear. I think of the type of party.
People will see and come to you for a cocktail.!!!! LOL
TyphaineArtez 2 months ago