TyphaineArtez TyphaineArtez posted May 7, 2019, 06:34

Unable to upload a picture to my region posts

I tried last night: I wanted to post two pictures of my region. The post published ok, the picture has been uploaded, but not appearing on the final post. No error, no message.

I didn't have any problem until one month ago: https://i.imgur.com/2iGuRQh.png

There was no nudity on them, but even if so, it's an adult region, why nudity wouldn't been allowed? I would understand if it was porn, but here it's not about naughtiness, it's about lifestyle.


TyphaineArtez 19 days ago
I got the help from my friend White who had the nice idea of reducing the size of the pictures. Too bad the uploading does not tell the picture is too big.
and to fit the best as possible aspect ratio size of the picture will be 2:1 :-)