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Amantha Events
I'm wondering if it's possible to have the events on the "upcoming events" calendar appear while they are in progress. I know i often go to see what's...
20 days ago - Amantha - 5 replies - last reply: 19 days ago
KiraWhitehawk Beacon Landing Point Issue
My beacon is rezzed at the main landing point of my region. However the url provided on the OSW Directory webpage for this region dumps people in the ...
29 days ago - KiraWhitehawk - 7 replies - last reply: 20 days ago
eaglewealth About opensimworld pro yearly membership
I get this message after i edited something in words and it come up saying for "You have reached your limit of 5 region listings. To add more regions,...
24 days ago - eaglewealth - 4 replies - last reply: 22 days ago
Amantha Landing point
I put my beacon out but my sim keeps landing on the roof when i hop. Is there a way to change this?
2 months ago - Amantha - 1 replies - last reply: 2 months ago
hopelives Beacon Key #
Where can I find the Beacon Key # so I may activate my OpenSim Teleporter??? Thank you
5 months ago - hopelives - 3 replies - last reply: 3 months ago
unregi AdBlockers
What about an option that if you donate some money, you don't have to see ads? I see how this site needs some money to survive and i deactivated my a...
4 months ago - unregi - 1 replies - last reply: 4 months ago
Kazuko Var Regions and Beacon
I know that there can only be one Beacon per Region But could I make a suggestion to Opensimworld to develop some ability to allow 256x256 Parcel bea...
6 months ago - Kazuko - 0 replies - last reply: 6 months ago
OttovonOtter where is the search button ...
... on this site?
1 years ago - OttovonOtter - 5 replies - last reply: 6 months ago
mudplug Beacon unit will not work?
Hi People need a bit of help here please, I just clicked on my beacon but nothing comes up on the screen!! the panel does not open to show other hyper...
7 months ago - mudplug - 1 replies - last reply: 7 months ago
isisophelia Region name has changed. But the beacon wont make the change
This region was in another grid. Now I moved it to my own grid. Therefore I entered the new HG adress http://arcana-grid.info:8002/ But instead to ap...
7 months ago - isisophelia - 1 replies - last reply: 7 months ago
MotoSapa opensimworld beacon issue
OpenSimWorld Beacon 0.914 displaying disabled yet working
7 months ago - MotoSapa - 0 replies - last reply: 7 months ago