Zeta Worlds WORLD PEACE DAY Charity Event

Region: Stark
Event begins: 2 months ago: 2023-09-21 10:00 SLT
Added by: Mathilda Stark

WORLD PEACE DAY sees a ZETAWORLDS special charity event at THE VAULT with 3 stupendous DJs, starting off with

- DJane HAZEL ITO at 10 am, her QUIRKY ECLECTIC style is great to the ear, followed by
- MATTIE from Stark at noon, who gives us some confidence and hope with a wonderful melodic and uplifting LIVE TRANCE MIX, then
- it is VINCENT SYLVESTER, at 2pm with a ROCKIN' MIX to knock your sox off.

For every visitor during that day ZetaWorlds will donate $1 to UNICEF!

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