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The Red Light City Regions. This region is only for Adults only. You must be over 18 to enter. Lots of Nudity and sexy scenes. Many active NPCs on the region. Many different buildings including a Club, Show Bar, Meeting Bar, Massage, Hotel, BDSM Store, Escort Agency, Animation Store, Car Sales, Sexy Statue Store and much more.

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I have just finished rebuilding the Sexy Shows in the Adult Funhouse. 100 times better with scenes operated from a board on the side. You must be a member of the Redlight City Group to operate the controls. This is not down to me but down to the way the script was written. On the board you will ...
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New Film Studio just added at Redlight City Behind the hug Store. Using ChicaDelic Creations Holoscene Rezzer which has 3 scenes that can be rezzed and played in. The Dungeon Scene, The Bedroom Scene and the Street Scene. There are blinds on the windows at the side which can be opened and closed via...
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wayne 1 years ago
A very nice and very gracious people shout to visit him that there are very friendly people. Rachel wayne & Bruce Wayne
mikehart 1 years ago
Thank you for the comment.
Glad I could help out with the cars.
ScoobyScorfield 1 years ago
An amazing and fun region! Lots to see and do, lots of freebies and shops to look around... The Theatres and sex shows are highly recommended!! :-)
mikehart 1 years ago
Thanks for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the region. Still lots more stuff going on, so stay in touch.
thorgythor 1 years ago
oh baby! I can't wait to get into your SIM!
oopsee 4 years ago
Clean elegant build, some nice fashion freebies tooo :O
mikehart 4 years ago
This is an 18+ Region
opensimworld 4 years ago
You should change the rating of your region (right-click->about land). The OSW Beacon reports that your region rating is "General"
mikehart 4 years ago
I have 3 shops here available to anyone who would like one. Preferably for Clothing, Skins & Shapes.

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