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5 years ago
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Kinky Magic home of Opensim's first Ponyplay region. Home of Littlefield Ponyplayers. Fully functional Ponyplay sim. Stalls, carts, tracks, tack, etc..

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Region Comments

Mike Hart 5 months ago
You can never get to LFGrid from any world. Cant see the point of the grid.
Walter Balazic 5 months ago
That's not one bit true. I have a list of hundreds of HG visitors a week... Maybe it's YOUR grid... There's 4 of them at our dance right now from various grids. Funny you can't get to this grid either.. Seems to me you either need to fix your grid, or learn how to use HG..

"mikehart added a comment in the region EM_Construction
I just cannot get there. I can HG from my Grid to the main part at: but I cannot get to EM Construction."

Oh look another place you can't get to..

"mikehart added a comment in the region Encore Welcome Center
Region not found

Yeah, LFGrid is the problem... :)

shawnkmaloney OSWRS 5 months ago
Hey @MikeHart , yes, I can, and I even took a pic of the "Littlefield Pony Farm" sign to show me there, but STILL I am unable to post it into my comment here. Notice I typed " I " and not " You ". OpenSim Dev is the version LF uses, and I jumped from .... .... using ... Firestorm 5.0.1 (52150) Dec 10 2016 which I use due to it being the last version that allowed it's users to hear everyone equally when using voice. Hope you figure out the issue you are having. :)
Walter Balazic 5 months ago
Yeah, I can't post photos to comments here either Shawn.. and I own the region.. LOL