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Ruritania's new brothel is now open and the Madame is happy to welcome visitors who want to visit and play with her girls and boys. The entrance is found by the stage in the Aubrey pub at the harbour.
One room is left unoccupied for anyone wanting to borrow the bed there for afk or online fun.

Ruritania is a small country full of fun and places to see. Although the clock stopped here 50 years ago nobody told anyone to stop playing as they enjoy life and watch the rest of the world drift by. All visitors are made welcome, whether they want to participate or just explore.
You will find all the sisters who live with the Miss's are more than willing. To be guides if asked as much of the sim is not openly visible but needs exploration.
For those who enjoy adventure and puzzles there are npc's around to give clues to a mystery that is hard to solve.
A regular free train and bus service operates for those with wobbly legs after visiting the more sensual places around.
This is an adult sim with some sexual content but can also be visited just for the scenic surroundings

Yes. I remember Adlestrop—
The name, because one afternoon
Of heat the express-train drew up there
Unwontedly. It was late June.

The steam hissed. Someone cleared his throat.
No one left and no one came
On the bare platform. What I saw
Was Adlestrop—only the name

And willows, willow-herb, and grass,
And meadowsweet, and haycocks dry,
No whit less still and lonely fair
Than the high cloudlets in the sky.

And for that minute a blackbird sang
Close by, and round him, mistier,
Farther and farther, all the birds
Of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

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Ended up here just by hopping around and at first I thought it was another same old sim Boy was I wrong. It's massive, it's beautiful, it's gentle, it's like a breath of fresh air. I met Xi and went back later, what a lovely person. We talked for ages and she showed me some of its hidden wonders...

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Goosson 3 months ago
I want unlike your sim and like again and again lol) Nice work, girls!
Fawny 4 months ago
See my review - seriously folks just go there!
mikehart 4 months ago
Visitors from my world Next Reality Grid are not allowed for some reason.
wbalazic 4 months ago
The reason is you have a known griefer who has been attacking Opensim grids for years on your grid. Love Carolina. I e-mailed you about it before we blocked your grid and you did nothing. We had no option.
littletwinlala 4 months ago
What a beautiful place. I wanted to be one of its wonderful landscapes and stayed for a while as one of the accessories inside the house.
Morgenstern 9 months ago
If you really want to see something amazing, then welcome to Ruritania-V. This is not just a region, but a whole country, very similar to England in the early 20th century. Here you can participate in the quest and investigate a crime. There are a lot of transport, interactive NPC and interesting scripts. Very big and beautiful sim with a lot of buildings and details. Ruritania is adult sim. You can find here a lot of rare adult devices. Thanks to Xi.Shi and girls, you can try a lot of this things in action. Satisfaction and fun guaranteed.You never be bored here. Ruritania is a land of the babes. Welcome to Ruritania!
bettyfl 11 months ago
the best ever i visited since i am in opensim world ...and Xishi is gorgeous :"> XD
sofee 12 months ago
has your grid gone? says unknown to get too
xishi 12 months ago
refer to the news clip on the right here......not gone for good!
PaddyS 1 years ago
a well done region, with wonderful details and working trains and npc stuff.
awesome work, bow with respect, a must see region. huggies paddy
EvaMaria 1 years ago
Miss Xi build this great place with its many facilities. I’m impressed by the build and the beautiful details, but most important to me are the people living here. They are all very nice and helpful for a noob in OpenSim. I decided to settle here and Miss Xi gave me a nice room and was very helpful with my body and clothes. So I live here and love the roleplay with my sisters, brothers and visitors. We do different kind of role play but the main goal is we all have fun - and we have.
You’re welcome to explore all this. Maybe you want horseriding in the country, move by the train to the harbour, visit the brothel or explore the tunnels and dungeon. Maybe you end up in the soft room - you will be spoiled :)
Super 1 years ago

Set in a relaxing peaceful var.

Is a Beautiful area with old ruins, Lovely sound effects to match the surrounding country side, a railway station and harbor area.

The railway structure actually looks real with running trains that follow the railway lines along with boats that also follow there own paths that lead you through the amazing country side.

Lots of npcs that are very presented and nicely done as well :)

I have also been told by the owner Xi Shi, that the npc's give clues to a puzzle's as well with hidden areas which you can discover by following the clues.

would like to thank Xi Shi, for allowing me to spend a relaxing time on her var :).


Is located on a ... (more)
JohnnyBeGood 1 years ago
This is one of the most beautiful rural places I have seen in all of Open Sim. If you love the country, this is the place to go! Getting around is easy - just touch the signs. Don't miss this place!
sofee 2 years ago
An Amazing Realistic Place to Visit with Beautiful Scenery at Ruritania is a place you can never get bored off.
This is a place you can dream off visiting.
I Recommended visiting Ruritania to Everyone. Enjoy!!
Deserves full Stars all around
starchild 2 years ago
Lovely sims and friendly people. Love it I will be back!
cayoun 2 years ago
unbelieveable! two womens made a great job. i walked the ways and streets, saw so much. couldnt do another than like - no LOVE!
notnormalcake 2 years ago
This sim really pushes the limits! The tiny details are what makes it so much fun to explore. I recommend paying a visit!
DebbieBlaze 2 years ago
One of the most Beautiful places I've ever been too! The People there are wonderful, kind, and very friendly :-)
xishi 3 years ago
update: Party and dance now finalised for Sunday the 8th starting at 10(22:00) o'clock GMT and running on until everyone is dead on their feet or we run out of things to burn.
Not fancy dress, come as you like and enjoy the great music and fireworks. Everyone welcome- see the poster for details and ask me if you'd like a copy to put up anywhere.
xishi 3 years ago
Last years Bonfire Night Guy Fawkes party will be held again this year Fri 6th or Sat 7th of November . Watch this space for further details as they are finalised.
Matilda 3 years ago
Hi Xi, I got banned for deciding to leave, I wanted to still see people there, hope you find me in hypergrid. Matilda
Matilda 3 years ago
Well presented true to life sim, such talent and dedication by the owners, a must visit for fun loving adults
xishi 3 years ago
In development atm is a new adventure-game/treasure hunt that partly uses npc's to give out hints and clues. Although not complete you can still listen to them and try to guess the ending as it progresses. New clues added daily and I'll post here when it's all done.
TangentPoint 3 years ago
If you like taking photos, this is a great place for detailed country living with houses, gardens, a train and many more things to make you feel you are really there. On another level . . . watch out!
anixue 3 years ago
A lot surprises, be carefull, lol
OldBailey 3 years ago
Rolling English countryside. Pure delight.

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Please note the border crossing into Ruritania will be closed from approx 12 July until 26 July as Xi has a long overdue holiday and gives all the staff 2 weeks off as well.
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