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I have two sims side by side. ScottsDale, and ScotsDale.
This beacon lands you on the Clanlands down on the ground level
One is DragonMoor, the other is DragonMoor East. Here you will find many things.
On the main land below is my clanlands. Set to Celtic medieval times, you will find a little village where people can have a house to live in. An interactive farm that the entire group can help out at.
There is a cool set of mines to explore, and above that there is an area with meditation and a Stonehenge type structure.
Going up the hill towards the castle is a lovely walk, with amazing views. There you will find gypsies, a blacksmith shop and a small market. (RP)
On the upper level, there is ruins, which contain a cemetery, and also a lovely little park to relax in.
Then, on to the castle, where you will find it has a lovely ballroom with a reflective floor, kitchen, library area, and a seating area.
The upper floors have rooms for my clan, and the view from the roof is amazing.
In the sky, there is a marketplace with free stores to let out, and also many stores already occupied. Some have free items.
Be sure to visit Ye Olde Dragon Inn, where there will be open mic held in the future and perhaps a DJ as well now and then.
There is another village there as well for those who prefer to live further from the clanlands. Again, medieval Celtic theme.
There is another level in the sky with a Canadian Army base replica, and also memorials. You can light a candle for intentions there.
Also a church with a lovely garden beside it. The base has many areas to explore from the "out in the field" area, to Beaver Hall which contains a classroom, a hall with greedy tables and places to sit and relax. There is also a kitchen and mess hall.
Another lovely area is DragonMoor North Reach. Here it is always winter, and has been very well designed by my RL daughter funfun61 Gloom.
She has also designed another area in the sky called DragonMoor South. Here, it is always summer and has a quaint little lake.
On yet another level, there is an area that holds The Learning Tree, where every Tuesday at 1 p.m. GCG time classes will be held to teach others the basics of building. All are welcome!
No cost, but donations are gracefully accepted by several wells on the land.
Opensim teleporter is located at the Army base.
Also, there are teleporters at most areas available to take you to each area of the land.
Come have a visit! It may take some time for you to truly explore everything here, but I am certain you will love it.
If you really love it, you may want to join our awesome grid, and make it your home!
See you there! Hugs.....Tig

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JimmyOlsen 2 months ago
Paths leading to the hills are cool: its not may sims u see here, unnatural, completely flat..
Tigerkitti2014 1 months ago
Thanks, and yes, I am bored by flat sims to be honest. I like the different levels a lot
Marianna 4 months ago
Seeing this build since the update has been incredible. One must go see this region and appreciate all the details Tig has added, phenomenal Tig!
Tigerkitti2014 3 months ago
Thanks! Hugs
raynoon 1 years ago
Amazing place to visit Make sure you run the obstacle course .... and with any luck you may just see a Vampire or 2 ..
Tigerkitti2014 1 years ago
:-) Or even a cute wolf running around.

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