Event Plaza


Event Plaza is a place where avatars from Osgrid and all other grids come together on Wednesdays and Fridays to listen to the music from the many dj's and to dance and chat with others at the venue, Its a fun day for everyone and a good way to meet people and find out what is happening around the various grids.

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Foxx Bode
Every Wednesdays and Fridays the best DJ's in OSgrid, great music and an simply awesome community. Always has live DJ's (shoot them your request) and active people (not an army of NPC's). Everyone is welcome here ! Don't be shy, and party like there is no tomorrow !!

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Keoni Darkstar
Love OS Grid

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would love going there but they allow people to make rude and nonsense comments to people with no reprimand.. even talking politics and religions at times. Its like a group that is closed and they dont want new folks in or something.. I gave it a try a couple times with same results.. a few nice ones but many rude ones.

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felicitaciones a todos los Dj. , asus organizadores por hacer un sitio tan agradables para todos los usuarios de opensim!!
congratulations to all the DJs. , to your organizers for making such a nice site for all opensim users!!!

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