Littlefield Adult


well this is kinda lamb and forces people to sign up to be a member they might as well make it a closed grid they taking open sim objects putting scripts in there boxes were anyone try to get stuff cant because there not a member of that grid. Object: Due to license requirements, this item is exclusive for Littlefield Grid. You must be a member of Little field Grid to obtain this item. This item is not permitted on other grids.share alike license is for all and look at some of the the stuff there its from open sim so Walters a slave owner and also sad to force you to stay with things and sad as it is makes you wonder why his grid is so lamb and hardly anyone there seems cheesy as well but hey Walter you did what you did but your just one scared person to due that and it clearly shows.Control not but bullying is clearly the message its how he works his Grid scared man I see, but i wouldn't waste my time people going there if you been there you already know and hes scared as well his...

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