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Home of HG Safari, with information about our weekly hypergridding trips. Free items, including mesh clothes at Meshanthropy store, also on the island.
PLEASE NOTE the photos in the slideshow are of Destinations visited by the Safari group, and not pictures of our sim.

Whether you're looking for an educational build, some real world art, or just want to meet Arnie on vacation, nothing could be finer than Tosha Tyran's Angkor Wat. The Safari visited the temple and environs, and learned some curious things about the builder...https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/06/toshas-towers.html

Luna Lunaria: I love large detailed architectural builds like this one, done with great textures and environment settings. I wasn't able to make the Safari tour due to RL work obligations, but I'm placing this reg... 5 days ago
What a difference it makes to visit a region and get the guided tour. Amazing Shapeshifter sim on OSGrid has a story to tell...
Part one of this week's Safari trip
Trips to Kinky and to AMV this week, two quite astounding builds, more than meets the eye in both cases! thanks to our lovely hosts and grid owners for making it happen.
Thanks so much to our wonderful hosts on 3rd Rock and Neverworld grids and tothe thirty odd brave souls who came to see two great sci fi builds. If you missed it, catch the highlights of Week 1 of the new HG Safari season here:
Thank you so so much Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thank you so comuch Caro Fayray and @Xinashi (Nico) for being the hostesses with the mostesses... this was the Safari visit yesterday. Just one week left of the season...
Thanks so much to @Amaranthim and @Hairy and all the Bridgemere crew for letting us invade their airspace. Ditto to Dr Dave, the ever lovely Youca and all the Burners for a great train ride.
If you missed the insanity on Wednesday, here's the gen:
Interested in the nutty side of hypergridding? Consider joining our group here on OSW https://opensimworld.com/groups/1033
Thanks so much Dorena and Anachron, and the great Foxx Bode, for letting us see a bit of opensim History yesterday!
Missed the Safari trip? You can read what they had to say here:

AMAZING hosts @CCI Grid gave us an unforgettable tour this week on Safari, and the sailing on Alanna was a treat! Words and pictures here: https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/01/seaside-safari.html

So much brilliant creativity on Safari this week
Cuteulala's amazing new music device, and the great role-players of Carima Grid.
Bored by the frowzy drama of The Box? read on, and go exploring instead.

Tomorrow Safari starts again! hope you can make it https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2023/01/back-in-busy-ness.ht...

Thirza Ember: Thanks to everyone who came along, and to our fabulous hosts. If you missed the trip and are curious about what happens on Safari, or would like to visit the places independently later, here are som... 5 months ago
Here's a roundup of some of the things that happened in Opensim in 2022.
What did I miss from the list, and what was the biggest virtual event on your grid?

Fun for Xmas day - another ephemeral Hunt by Ange Menges and Nani Ferguson.

Safari is on hiatus, in the meantime here's the backstory of a cool place to visit https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/12/sand-castle.html

Thank you Walter and Camryn for sharing this gorgeous build with us all.

Thank you Nico for that wonderful final destination of the year. Everyone should see your sim and read your words!

Yesterday's Safari, with the friends of Soul Grid, and then Luna Lunaria!

Rudi Bakerly: Thank you Thirza. It was an amazing experience to have you with us. Many thanks for the attention you give to this nice hypergrid project. 7 months ago
A week of fun on and off Safari - opensim empty? Nah.
With visits to Aire Mille Flux, Shipyards, and Creanovale.
Snoots and Nyx - two artful destinations on OSGrid and AMV. Thanks to both our hosts for letting us explore their work

Thirza Ember: Al Scot made a nice video of Nyx's build https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfjKQZUr3TY 7 months ago
Thanks to @Fred Beckhusen, and @Roland Francis for letting us celebrate Lord of the Rings week on their wonderful grids

Thanks to @Bibiana and to @Aphra for having us visit, and a special thanks to @Jupiter for his contribution

Jupiter Rowland: If you're still looking for SFposer, you can find it boxed and ready to go here (https://opensimworld.com/hop/74730) and the script itself here (https://opensimworld.com/library?view=44). 8 months ago

Thirza Ember: to travel with friends like you guys is pure bliss 8 months ago

Big thanks to Maria Korolov for coming on Safari with us yesterday. If you missed it, here's some of the highlights. https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/09/maria-on-safari.html

Hella: Maria is an unprecedented meeting in the world of the metaverse, so enthusiastic since so many years :)), thank you for having organized this evening like no other. 9 months ago

Great fun, and so informative, Lorin Tone's sound class.

Luna Lunaria: I love creating and adding sounds to my regions 9 months ago

Season 3 begins one month from today. Don't wait, please go and visit the Summer build on Creanovale any time before our tour - there's so much to see ! hg.creanovale.ca:8052:NOVALE

Thanks so much to the wonderful @Oni Kiri and to Alia Soulstar and Lorin Tone for hosting the final Safari of the season. We all had such a great time!
Here's our adventure.
Safari returns on September 14 with a visit to see Maria Korolov

Thirza Ember: Thank you so much Oni for getting up so early to join us, and for the warm welcome - that's dedication! 11 months ago
HG Safari 2022 Week 20
Where: HG Safari
When: 11 months ago [6 Jul 2022 12:00 SLT]

Destination 1 - Lorin Tone's sounds on 3rd Rock Grid
The sorcerer of Sound, Lorin Tone, welcomes us to experience two musical builds Synapse and Aurora.
Lorin's artistry in inworld sound is without compare, ask him advice for getting the noise ambient just right on your grid.
Come to Alia Soulstar's Nuna Gallery, and look for the building called Central to get the Magnetrail to the venues in the sky.
Address grid.3rdrockgrid.com:8002:The Nuna Gallery
Destination 2 - Alice on CopyKat Grid
A beautiful re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland, Adachi style.
Oni Kiri will join us to reveal a little bit about her creativity, community, and credo as owner of one of the most popular freebie grids on the HG.

HG Safari 2022 Week 19
Where: HG Safari
When: 11 months ago [29 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Starting as always at the Clubhouse, hg.osgrid.org:80:HG Safari
The Little Prince Week
Destination 1 Exupery, Osgrid
WizardOz Chrome, with the participation of Cherry Manga, Tina Bey, Emil Jannings and our kind host Unadecal Masala, present a reimagining of the classic story by Antoine de St.-Exupery, born on this day in 1900.
Destination 2 Ustengrav, Ignis Fatuus Grid
A new French build on Ignis Fatuus by Harthelie Deux and Chip Angelvi, recalling all kinds of wonders from the ancient world

Goodbye to Metropolis
Where: HG Safari
When: 11 months ago [30 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Metropolis Grid is scheduled to go offline on June 30.
HG Address : login.metro.land
Join us for an Unofficial Party to send her on her way into that good night.
Neovo Geesink invites you to dance and DJane LadyJo Martin will be spinning appropriate tunes. You bring the memories.
If the grid goes down or you can't make it to Metro, you can join in the party at hg.osgrid.org:80:Metro Memoriam

Jessica Pixel filmed our Safari yesterday (to Winxtropia to see Cuteulala and to Opensimfest grid to see Shelenn) if you're curious to see what goes on when a bunch of crazy people go hypergridding together... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnUeinag8d8
HG Safari 2022 Week 18
Where: HG Safari
When: 12 months ago [22 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Destination 1 Cuteulala on Winxtropia
Opensim Goddess Cuteulala Artis invites us to visit Gardenia Town on Winxtropia Grid - learn about mesh economy, and enjoy the fun fair!
bloompeters.ddns. net:7002:Gardenia Town
Destination 2 Shelenn Ayres on OpensimFest Grid
Shelenn gives us a sneak peek at the preparations for the Fest. What differences are there from previous years? How hard has it been to organize? What fun is planned?

Huge thank you to Nebby Newman and to @Lone Wolf for having the Safari to visit yesterday, there's so much to learn about the backstory of every place in Opensim, you made us smarter

Lone Wolf: No problems! :-) Really lovely meeting everyone! 12 months ago
HG Safari 2022 Week 17
Where: HG Safari
When: 12 months ago [15 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Destination 1
Weelandia on Digiworldz with Nebby Newman
What do you know about the philosophy and community that distinguishes the Tiny and Dinkie communities, reaching across both Opensim and into Second Life ? Nebby shows us her lovely landscaped region, full of fun for both the smaller and regular size avies, and we learn about the shopping and partying opportunities that Digiworldz offers those of the smaller persuasion.
Destination 2
From the tiny to the very very large! Lone Wolf invites us to glimpse the the vast landscape of Wolf Territories, said to be one of the largest grids in opensim. Learn about the technical challenges and the aesthetic goals that have brought about this massive mountainous wilderness, Check out the Destination Guide on the grid to see all the many points of interest!

grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Wolf Mountain

WOW Such an interesting conversation with Ubit, and then a fascinating tour of a region on AMV. Huge group, and we (barely) broke anything! Altho I think I may have to pay for Kelso's dry cleaning. Grass is such a tricky stain to get out.

Luna Lunaria: Fun trip :-) 12 months ago
HG Safari 2022 Week 16
Where: HG Safari
When: 12 months ago [8 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Destination 1 An audience with Ubit
Opensim Dev Ubit Umarov invites us to his home region for an upbeat conversation about the challenges and joys of the opensimulator.
Destination 2 Introduction to AMV with Grid Gurus, Chris McCracken and Jaxson Texas. A chance to learn about one of OpenSim's most vibrant and active grids, Alternate Metaverse. It's mythical!
alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Mythical Realms NE

HG Safari 2022 Week 15 Liverpool/Beatles Week
Where: HG Safari
When: 1 years ago [1 Jun 2022 12:00 SLT]

Liverpool/Beatles Week!
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came out this week 55 years ago.
Destination 1: Liverpool Old Dock, Kitely. Graham Mills' ongoing project to reconstruct the historical docks of the city of Liverpool, home town of the Beatles. Please note, this region is only open for our visit, otherwise it is closed to the public
grid.kitely:8002:Liverpool Old Dock
Destination2: Pepperland on LFgrid by Mudpuddle Cleanslate. An imaginative reconstruction of the cartoon scenes of the movie Yellow Submarine.

Why be a Sponsor of opensimfest? Is it expensive, exclusive, complicated? Here are three stories of ordinary folk who decided to get involved.

Marianna : I wouldn't consider these "ordinary folk" These are all talented wonderful mentors of opensim who have brought us beautiful worlds and lots of magic! 1 years ago
HG Safari 2022 Week 14
Where: HG Safari
When: 1 years ago [25 May 2022 12:00 SLT]

Music, Music!
Destination 1 Joao Frazao at the Safari portals. Portuguese maestro of the strings Joao plays for us while we peruse the HG Safari Self Guided Tours portals, and the Inworld Review studios
Destination 2 Moses Rau plays for us on the Star Trek themed builds of Stormy Scorpio, enjoy the music and explore the mind blowing environments featuring a range of ships and space stations, and planetary pleasures on Vulcan and Klingon, not to mention the holodeck landscapes.
Be sure to come get the Lms this week, much of the action will be happening in the sky!

Thanks to Jillian2000Quintessa of Discovery, and to Stio Mactomais of Osgrid and Marstol of Kitely for their awesomeness. So many fun places in opensim to visit.. so little time! https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/05/belfast-and-japan-ph...

Three famous names ... what do they have in common?

HG Safari2022 Week 12
Starting from hg.osgrid.org:80:HG Safari
~ Flight Week ~
~Destination 1~ International Spaceflight Museum Kitely. Rosa, Mike and the ISM group invite us to come take a look at the past present and future of space flight.
~Destination 2~ Tarn Flying on Counter Earth
All bets are on, as we go Tarn racing ! Board these giant birds and try your hand at the race course, and watch your friends hopelessly crash into the ground. Courtesy of Havoc Rau and the team on Counter Earth.
jand.dyndns.biz:7002:Tarn Stadium

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the next safari is the final one of the season. Safari will begin again in April.
thanks all who participated in the Safari cornflakes events. We have 360 days to get ready for the next one!
this week Bridgemere and Groovyverse... bring your good vibes!
HG Safari tours begin again on January 4 with the amazing Hal 9000 build on 3rd rock!
This week there's a lot of very big art on Aedifex, so come prepared to turn up your draw distance!
We go to Digiworldz this week. If you have not been there before you may have to click a link to confirm your identity. It's a good plan to try this out before Safari time
Today is Liverpool/Beatles day !