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HG Safari Week 122 ~ Pears and Planes

Region: HGSafari
Event begins: 3 years ago: 23 Nov 2016 12:00 SLT

Exploring the hyperverse! join us at the clubhouse to learn about this week's destinations

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Thirza Ember 3 years ago
Two sensational experiences for your delight:
*DESTINATION 1* 'Manger une Poire'
Words matter. On Ever grid, experience the sensuality of Bertrand Runtz's novella about eating a pear. Sounds, poses, words and pictures come together to create Cheops Forlife's immersive version of the book. Help with the original French will be provided so you can get the full fruity feel of this build. www.theatre-adret.fr/bertand...
*DESTINATION 2* Quayside on Kitely. Keith Selmes welcomes us to his magnificent airfield. Enjoy the wide range of planes and helicopters, and learn about the early days of flying - and fashion! - in the skybox museum,, complete with Kitty Hawk reconstruction.