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HG Safari Week 124 ~ Portuguese Week!

Region: HGSafari
Event begins: 3 years ago: 7 Dec 2016 12:00 SLT

Exploring the hyperverse! join us at the clubhouse to learn about this week's destinations. Please meet us at the Safari clubhouse, where you can get the landmarks, and join our group.

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Thirza Ember 4 years ago
It is all OSGrid, all Portugal Week this week... viagem segura!
DESTINATION 1 Belem Tower is the creation of +Ni Lemon , it's an exploration of some of the history and culture of her homeland /hg.osgrid.org:80:belem_tower
DESTINATION 2 Portugal South by +Azi Az is a showcase of the romantic past and present of Portugal.. where we will learn some poetic portuguese!
osgrid.org:80:portugal south
DESTINATION 3 PortFolk on Osgrid is the home of Ukelele virtuoso +Joao Frazao who is also a great builder. This region features recreations of real world places that inspired joao's music, which is always in the air, here! osgrid.org:80:portfolk´╗┐