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HG Safari Week 126 ~ Africa Week

Region: HGSafari
Event begins: 3 years ago: 21 Dec 2016 12:00 SLT

Exploring the hyperverse! join us at the clubhouse to learn about this week's destinations

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Thirza Ember 3 years ago
A message from our friendly host, Fred Beckhusen
"+Debbie Edwards and I recently added better roads, jeeps and a special Land Rover for people to cruise around in. They hold a driver and up to 6 passengers. It's on a much better server, too.
"Be on the lookout for new NPC's : dung beetles, ostriches, sheep, lions, traditional Zulu warriors, tourists, and guards that watch for poachers in the worlds most diverse wildlife park. This is in addition to the hippos, rhinos, zebras, gorillas, duiker, turtles, birds, goats, elephants, tigers , bees, and other people we had before.
"You had best warn everybody to be careful! Dian Fossey's camp has a special hospital tent set up in case anyone runs into any of the crocodiles, lions, or poisonous snake NPC's. We added a hospital to the village of Ruhengeri, and a Doctor. He may need some snake bite medicine. I think you can find it in one of the shops."
Thirza Ember 3 years ago
Escape from the Xmas overkill with some fun in the sun!
Two 90 minute destinations
First up, no Africa themed Safari would be complete without a trip to Virunga on Outworldz, Ride the animals, explore the bush, and chat to your fellow primates. Please bring with you 1 Little Known Fact about Africa to share with the group...
Second Stop: Sunhine Szavanna shares with us some African music and culture on the region Sunvibes, on Craft Grid. Wednesday is Sunshine's birthday, so two reasons to celebrate.