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The core of Dynamic Worldz shopping district. Offering freebie shops to premium outlets. Places to chill, places hangout, places to party and places to play around. This is designed to be explored.


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Pacification Great place to live and shop the owner is good man work hard for his Grid Great job all the way around .
SunshineCarami Nicely laid out! Excellent selection of freebies. Tried to get to the gloebit section but it was not online/did not exist when I tried. The are is easy to navigate, and has some very nice stores. Especially liked the options of exploring with a vehicle/horse. Will return and recommend!
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Purrfectt Katt 4 months ago
Great shopping area, visit my area, The Blue Fountain, many new items recently added.
TeddyBrat 4 months ago
This is a great place with many shops! There is also so much to do! We have a bank in which to get money , and a club that hosts anyone with a DJ.
Whippin 7 months ago
Very laggy, even after 15 min wait. Nicely set up. Lots of items. Gave up after half hour trying to move.
DannyC 7 months ago
Thanks for your comment Whippin, this is a large area with a lot of things in it as you say so keeping your draw distance down will improve your experience. The region is built on a high performance server with a 2Gb per second bandwidth so if your connection allows it can perform quite well
Purrfectt Katt 3 years ago
I love this city, its growing nicely, lots of great stuff!!
Power OfGreen 3 years ago
Come and join us - either get a free Island Home or a free rental in the forest. Our support is top on the Hypergrid. We are family, we welcome you. Get a shop in the Big City! See you soon hugzzzz
Power OfGreen 3 years ago
Great new place. Love it here I have land, shops and building clubs with full media at a crazy low price and Everyone is so wonderful like family now