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Adachi Mall
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oopsee Joseppe
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4 years ago
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Adachi is back !!
New & Improved
Largest Free Shopping Mall in Opensim -- Enjoy !!!
Four Regions Mall - Four regions under one roof !!
Not quite finished yet as new content is still being added.
Thanks to all of you for making Adachi one of the most popular regions in the Metaverse ...

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No Copybot viewers allowed - banned for life !

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AllaaOkoda Totally awesome place!
ggjworld Gotta give it up to Oni, really good stuff and shareable to all. Oni is always helpful and friendly, our best friend in de virtual world. Thank you Oni for everything and job well done :))))
Kimmy Love nicest mall I have seen n always love metro grid <<>>

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Region Comments

yvonny 2 months ago
i love to go to the old Adachi, the new one is not so cosy. so pity that it is gone. :((
Zoe Burke 3 months ago
Terrific the new Adachi Mall. Congratulations all of you creators who made it possible. Big hugs Oni, again you surprise us, you the best ♥
Seren 5 months ago
It has been days since you can access the Adachi region, what happened?
oopsee Joseppe 3 months ago
adachi back after a long rest ;))
Justin Ireman 5 months ago
Looks like it is offline according to OpensimWorld region monitor. As to why, no idea...
oopsee Joseppe 3 months ago
adachi was offline resting but is now back ;))
Alfred 5 months ago
banned ?
oopsee Joseppe 3 months ago
nope never, adachi was offline resting but is now back ;))
kawolf 2 years ago
thanks for a wonderfull place to peruse and pick up some really good quality items..
KittyVelvet 2 years ago
Amazing and loaded with quality freebies , really a huge range of everything from clothing, bodies ,and buildings to the weird , wonderful and totally unexpected . Thank you for sharing and caring!
Zoe Burke 2 years ago
I go often to Adachi, mostly on Friday parties. When sometimes, I can't access directly Adachi what I do is to go to and there I use the teleport to Adachi. Works everytime I do it. Please remember, OpenSim is Alpha, which means things can go weird sometimes, but we have a FREE world full of volunteer good people doing a lot for us. Enjoy it fully and be happy!