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Original content freebies by Cherry Manga, and assets from TF3DM, Turbosquid, Archive3D. Many wonders by hypergrid creators such as Taarna Welles, Aaack Aardvark, Max Hill, Aine Caoimhe, Shelby Moonlight and many others. Be patient, region is huge and takes time to load, be indulgent, it's still in progress and please don't mind the mess here and there. You can find a box with the usefull landmarks to wander around at the landing point before the teleporter is done. Everything from clothing, hair, furniture, plants, art, seasonal to scripts, animations, prefabs...Have fun!

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monik 4 months ago
fabuleux travail ...
CherryManga 27 days ago
TyphaineArtez 6 months ago
Wonderful land to visit! Of course grabbing items here and there, but the must is really to walk around. Thank you Cherry! Merci Cerise ! :)
CherryManga 27 days ago
Most welcomed, thank you.
oopsee 10 months ago
simply fabs of course, thanks so much Cherry for all you contribute to Opensim, your my hero
CherryManga 10 months ago
Same to you ♥
ChrisNamaste 10 months ago
its super in y land cherry! discovering now :) thx so much and everyone :)
CherryManga 10 months ago
Thanks and answered you inworld ;)
Bink 10 months ago
Awesome region! Thank you so much, Cherry!
I love & laugh "The Vomitting Unicorn" [ ...still laughing ...lol ]
ChrisNamaste 10 months ago
oh must find him ;)
CherryManga 10 months ago
Hehehe it could be the farting unicorn too ;)
ChrisNamaste 10 months ago
anonymous 10 months ago
I just tipped ya 20 gold...I have no clue what that is but I saw I could, and it cost me nothing (which is good as i am broke), it was the largest amount and it is the thought that counts, yes? ♥♥♥
CherryManga 10 months ago
Ahahah thank you Isolde, no idea if I can buy a plane ticket to paradise with this gold but yes, the thought counts, thanks for your support ♥
isisophelia 8 days ago
Cherry you can pay in here to make your region 'featured' and appear on the first page :)
Kubwa 10 months ago
Awesome stuff, but way too much and the region is also too big. Viewer crashes after a few minutes because it consumes too much ram.
CherryManga 10 months ago
I agree it's not very smooth unless you have a very good computer and graphic card, but opensim is good for testing and pushing limits so I hope to find out how to make the region much more optimized
BillBlight 10 months ago
I had no issues , spent about an hour there, takes a bit to load at first. Glad to see someone else who is building taking into account newer hardware. All PCs are not created equal, some of us love the eye candy.
CherryManga 10 months ago
psssss i have my draw distance at 40 max there, my computer is an old and basic machine but shhhh, people will wonder how I can build this way ;)
BillBlight 10 months ago
Your secret is safe with me ... Oh wait .. ummm yeah ... I think you need to ask Santa Claus for a new 'puter ...
plastichansa 10 months ago
As always magnificent construction.
You can lose several hours walking around the sim, sure will not leave you indifferent, lots of freebies around the sim.
Thank you very much for this great work.
CherryManga 10 months ago
Thank you for the kind words and I'm happy to have some of your creations there ;)
Elise_Dior 10 months ago
Cerise is a totally awesome region keeping in the spirit of free OpenSims and a reminder that there is no need to buy it when you can get it for free...thank you Cerise!
CherryManga 10 months ago
Thank you, and yes, let's keep the spirit of sharing content :)

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raw images taken with online music streams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PYQCP5YV4Y&feature=youtu.be
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