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Pride City
Mehr als nur wohnen und shoppen. Alles kann - nichts muss

Ich habe das Grid für Schwule und Leben gegründet, da ich der Meinung sind, dass gerade diese "Randgruppen" in OpenSim sträflich behandelt werden.

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Selling freebie items from other grids is just so wrong avoid this place

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Dave43 11 days ago
Selling freebie items from other grids is just so wrong avoid this place
Thor75 19 days ago
Disgusting place, taking freebies from around opensim then pricing them up for like 50 currency or more. Apparently, its meant to be a fake currency, which is useless cause they give you 1,000 then price some items up at 1000 there is no way to get more currency unless you do things like sit on a chair even then your only allowed to use it once to earn 20 currency, This grid has no idea what it means to be free and sharing on opensim.
KrypticKayos 5 months ago
I went to this sim by accident. The people were very nice and they said hello. Which is super nice especially since I speak another language than they do. I also, did not look like everyone else there. The place was huge and the music was amazing. I had a good visit.
coder 5 months ago
Thank you very much ..
I hope we see us again in Virtual Life
Tigger_Puschelpaw 6 months ago
Spontan Party HAMMER Deutsch Mega FUN Geiler DJ

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