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2 years ago

Male & female mesh clothing, mesh bodies, fun avatars, full avatars, avatar atachments. Everything freebie.

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We are still working on teleporters to provide you the experience are used to. new SIM TP HUD (v.6.0) now availabe at Welcome Area.
4 months ago - 0 comments
We are moving the Sim to This will take until May 1st. During this time we run both Sims and both can be temporarily closed for public. We apologise for the inconvenience.
4 months ago - 0 comments
New outlets opened on Meshclothing: Darkwolf's Fetish Shop for men (20, 128, 22). Red Star Design outlet of interactive clothing for men and women (112, 184, 22) and Funny Shirts Factory, also for men and women (97, 180, 22). Coming soon: MB Creations (184, 98, 22) with lots of new stuff for men and...
11 months ago - 0 comments
There are some good news; new mesh dresses at Shop43 at 130, 34. We now also offer AOs for male and female avatars at 124, 236. BDSM furniture is now available via TP, we cooperate now with the Sim 'Freebie Fundus' in the same Grid. They also have more mesh fashion for men and women.
1 years ago - 0 comments

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PowerOfGreen 2 days ago
FABULOUS!!! wow the clothes are wonderful :) wooot ty Otto!!!
Rakis 5 days ago
A long time you was off nice to see you had missed you.
I see you change the domain. Welcome back and good luck.
It shows good the old sim in the new dress congraz ;-)
Krystal 7 days ago
I got into the Var welcome, but crashed again when I tried to tp to your region:(
Krystal 7 days ago
Hiya Otta, are there grid issues, I seem to be unable to hyper into your region . Kx
Moora 1 months ago
The best address in Os and HG for the latest in bento bodies along with AO's Heads clothes etc. The owners Otto is a great guy!
raynestorme 1 months ago
many of the new content does not have permissions set correctly, so you cannot get copies of them... :(
OttovonOtter 4 months ago
We have to close the sim due to technical issues. please come back later or visit
Temos que fechar o sim devido a problemas técnicos. por favor volte mais tarde ou visite
Lucy 9 months ago
good work, like that shopping Region
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
Thank you for your nice comment :)
JustynTyme 10 months ago
What is wrong with sharing and giving away FREEBIES! Absolutely nothing!
I honestly don't know how anyone can even make a living off of creating and selling. Its too bad that some creators that sell and find there things offered FREE, Well its opensim and you can't expect to make a living selling here. I feel someday the open sim may close its door cause of creators like to cry wolf, Oh you stole my stuff, why are you giving it away! I feel if you want to create and give it away awesome! if you're here to create and sell, well sugar go to a closed grid and sell. You can't sell in opensim, well you can try but it causes so much drama. I feel creators that want to create and sell need to move to a closed grid and stay out of opensim. You see signs NEVER BUY IN OPENSIM! Well stop selling in opensim and go to a closed grid. Enough rant, made my point. HUGS
Rakis 5 days ago
The closed grid exists. It's called Second Life Linden Lab and makes Ebbe Altberg rich and happy. Anyone who is addicted to money should go back to the SL. Never pay for items, everything has to be free in Open Sim. I ♥ OS
OttovonOtter 9 months ago
You are right, commercial grids in Opensim fuck up the spirit. The top creators are in SL, some give away their stuff here for free to promote it there. Some don't reach the quality required in SL and try here and are often the ones who cause drama. And some creators simply don't like SL and give away their stuff for free here, but not with full perms, which has to be respected. I don't really care about copyright, when I put items into stores, because there's no way for me to see if a freebie is really meant to be a freebie. But, if a creator pops up *this is not supposed to be outside of SL/ fullperms/ a freebie* (and the one can proove being the creator), I usually respect their whishes, because that's not my karma. Greetings!
Rakis 5 days ago
Well said! You can not phrase that more beautiful.
Nice that you are back, good luck to restart.
karenparksuk 1 years ago
Awesome place - thank you xx
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
You're welcome :)
ZoeBurke 1 years ago
What a wonderful world. Lovely place to visit with so many lovely details. Thank you for all the goodies you offer.
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
Thank you for your kind comment :)
victorialogan 1 years ago
buenisimo el sitio y los artículos.!!
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
Gracias por tus comentarios. Me alegra que te guste :) (I looove google translate ^^)
MrMan 1 years ago
Woot.... Yes... One of Ottos I can get to with my Zeta World avi... Such a shame so many people want to downgrade this sim. If it's stolen Prove it...
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
Thank you for your comment :)
It's indeed helpful if people prove it, because if we'd take everything off which is claimed to be stolen (even items i built were already claimed to be stolen) we had empty shops and empty sims.
Sugawara 1 years ago
if you like stolen goods, this is the place for you!
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
Doesn't make sense to me to answer this again. Don't waste my time you troll
JimmyOlsen 1 years ago
Otto, some people like playing "SL Amish 2003" and buy shitty salty stuffs at OS markets.. Dont even care about such people here lately,,,,
FidelCastro 1 years ago
"The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters." Mike if you want to cry more or chat you know i can for more than 8 hours in a row. This Sim is Amazing and is serving so many Ty Ty Ty hate lost, LOVE Wins!!!!
Touche 1 years ago
Pls. Go back to Sacrarium, Otto.
OttovonOtter 1 years ago
I can't go back to where I just moved to. However, this is not a constructive comment.
FidelCastro 1 years ago
No way amish grids will have to ban all grids that share freebies lol
KrypticKayos 2 years ago
Great sim! Always lots of great items in a very visually pleasant set of stores. Everything you need and more. Always easy to get to..
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
I let it slide for some weeks, all my fault. More stuff coming soon :)
CandaceLarganta 2 years ago
if you like stolen goods this is the place for you!
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
there's nothing stolen unless you prove the opposite and until you do so, defamation is a crime ;D
falene 2 years ago
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Thamks for your feedback, falene :)
VictorDeAngelo 2 years ago
The next time I come here, I will have to bring a large pickup truck to carry everything back to my sim...Great job and thank you for keeping the Open Sim FREE spirit alive!
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Cool, please leave a fullperm-copy of the truck in the rezzing area :P
Thanx for your comment :)
oopsee 2 years ago
we love you otto, super free shopping experience !!! Thanks for all the goodies and time you put into making an awesome experience
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
I love you too and the universe and stuff. :D
Glad you liked it.
MamBaby 2 years ago
Very well done shopping. A wonderful sim, so much work. Thank you for sharing.
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
You're very welcome, thanks for coming by :)
rmcguitar1 2 years ago
the best clothing freebies I have found. I met the owner and was a very courteous and helpful person. thank you Ottovon
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
There are many other places, check the teleporters in the welcome area!
And thank you very much for your kind comment :)
AlmaMiranda 2 years ago
Мне нравится то, что я вижу здесь, поверьте, вы часто будете посещать, и вам понравится!!!!!!!
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
спасибо за ваш любезный ответ. я рад, что вы это нравится
Moora 2 years ago
THis is the absolute best shops for mesh bodies and clothes. I highy recommend a wonderful place to visit
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
theres still a lot to do, but i'm glad you liked it. There are many other sims for mesh bodies and clothes, hope i get the teleporters to work asap
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
We are back now, thanks to DorenaVerne. Some things still not work like some teleporters and all groups are gone, you will have to rejoin.
oopsee 2 years ago
yewww hoooo ... best ever ... bring your semi truck !!!
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Thank you for your comment. Semi trucks will arrive soon XD
CherryManga 2 years ago
Thanks for the store here Otto, and a lot of cool creations of yours to see.
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
I'm the one who has to say thank you :) Looking forward to making the opensim world a freebie paradise :D
CaipiraAeon 2 years ago
Nice mesh
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Thank you, but I didn't make the meshes. I just collected them, made more textures and alphas and put them into a shop :)
MartinikaPearl 2 years ago
It's a very nice clean and organized new sim with lots and original mesh for our needs, many skins too, both male and female which is rare.
Thank you Otto for sharing so much, i'm sure i will return!
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Thank you for your comment :) And my thanks go also out to the creators who share so much!
WaydaDreamscape 2 years ago
Why do i love this Sim :-))))))) It's a must!!! Thank you Otto :-)))))))))))))))

And Male Avis you have to LM this!!!! ;p
OttovonOtter 2 years ago
Thank you for your comment and for your big help in spicing it up :D

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Bravo Otto!!!! You make many people happy, guys like you are heros in Opensim!!! TyTy!!!!!
Gracias Muy Bueno!!! Viva la revolucion! Ty Very good no capitalist shop! Long Live the Revolution!
good place to have a good time and meet new friends and always updated runs to what you expect !! and the owner a good friend and friend of all!
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