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Isil Space Station - Sci Fi RP scifi Star Trek
Unfortunately you can not set coordinates for the landing in Opensim website.
That's why you arrive in the starting area of Neustadt. I set up a teleporter for the Isil space station there.

If the TP does not work out of other grids,
please jump to ... Plaza
There you open the map and look for neustadt var

Have fun.

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Beim Erforschen von Neustadt stößt man irgendwann auf die Tradis Box. Dann schwups bist du in einer Raumstation. SciFi ist echt meine Welt und ich fühlte mich gleich wie zuhause. Schade das nie jemand für RP hier ist, denn groß genug währe die Isil Station. Auch hier ist alles Full Perm und kopierba...

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VictorDeAngelo 5 months ago
This sim is a must see as it not only honors the spirit of free OpenSim but provides a visually fun version of all that is good about virtual creativity. Kudos to Jana Tenk for her contribution to all that we enjoy about OpenSim!
Insideoutjim_Umaga 6 months ago
Very cool! was told not finished yet but still worth the look around - role players could even use it for a out of the way escape lol - ya its that cool even at present.
italianmeat 6 months ago
Fantastic place to visit and explore, Lots of things to see and do here and very well laid out too. Love the Space ship :) Will definately come back again to explore even more and Thank You for making this place for us to visit !!

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