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Castle Morgensternheim is the most romantic place for secret meeting and recreation. The castle is made in the Gothic style, filled with secrets and shadows of the past. Here you will find an abandoned garden, shady alleys, magnificent waterfalls, intricate corridors and numerous places for rest, meditation and solitude. Here sing birds, crickets, rumbling waterfalls and crows crow. This castle is full of sounds. You can play on the organ in the old library, dance in the Gothic hall, listen to classical music and meditate, looking at the bloom of an old cherry. If you find a more romantic place, we will refund your money. :)
Welcome to my home, friends. Adult only.

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High level of detail in each element, a number of hidden spots, beautiful scenery - a truly magical place)))
wow holy cow nice sim :D
Nice built SIM :) U really need use teleporter offered allover the sim. So its the only way find all interesting corners :)
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