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Free Parcels, Freebies (Athena, Apollo, Adonis, SMB,...) and more, 1024x1024 VAR Region. Free Houses Demo Area, Beach, Disco and many more coming soon...

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No other shop In all hypergrid has so much updated and organized top mesh bodys and cloths like this one. What matters is there just that and with absolutely no old scary trash!!!

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monik 29 days ago
good region
monik 1 months ago
thank you good region ...
BellaDonna 1 months ago
very nice place and people.
eaglewealth 1 months ago
Great shop and nice sim and i love those cats on mountain!
Edina21 2 months ago
Great little store, and nice people :)
TyphaineArtez 2 months ago
Nice setup, needing more people and more stuff around.
But I encourage that kind of place to become a cool and peaceful *adult*.. erm mature! hanging out area :)
TyphaineArtez 2 months ago
Oh and for once, the little store for avatars freebies is an example of tidying a store, thanks girls ^^
oopsee 3 months ago
whoo hooooo excellent ... must visit here and so nice

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Athena Bento Mesh Body 4.0 is now available in the Store Ver 4.0 November 2017 What's New - 4.0 Is the same DAE re-uploaded with LOD set to zero in low and lowest, complexity now is 20 times lower (Thank you so much M ;p ) All rigged mesh attachments (cloths hairs bodys guns whatever small) now follow this rule since October 2017. - 4.0 Brings only one script inside the body (Thank you so much S ;p ) - 4.0 Comes in 2 flavors bento and non bento bodys to serve all - 4.0 HUD's had some...
9 days ago - 0 comments
A Big Demo Area for Houses, Castles,... in the Sky added. (512x256 Sky Area)
2 months ago - 0 comments
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