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Free Luxury Adult Housing by Marune Estates We have TWO regions for housing, Marune & MaruneBeach. Our goal is to provide luxury homes with ownership of the land parcel by residents, completely free in the spirit of open source. At this time we have 24 parcels on Marune and 32 on MaruneBeach, each to be purchased by the renter for 0 OS$, so that you truly have your own home here.
We have tried to create a very open atmosphere filled with areas to have fun and socialize. Those areas include waterfalls, parks, gaming gazebos, fountains with social seating areas, a bar and dance pavilion and a swimming pool for all to use, including any guests you may bring here. Please don't leave objects in common areas or everyone else will. You MAY use the pavilion to throw parties but schedule that please. Other residents should always be permitted at the bar and pavilion. We truly want this to be your home! All Marune Estates residents are welcome to share the amenities on any Marune Estates regions- Example: those living on Marune may swim or hang out on MaruneBeach & Vice Versa.

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ANTHONY412 2 months ago
how do u kno if there is one available
Cataplexia 21 days ago
There are none at this time but you can contact me in OS Grid to be added to the waiting list.

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It's Huge, Luxurious, Amazing, it's Paradise thank you guys for making this and helping so many others :-)
Amzing place only a perfect loser could not love this :-))))))))))
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