Sacrarium Christmas

Sacrarium Christmas
Sacrarium grid
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Sacrarium Christmas

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New update))) Welcome Sacrarium Christmas !!!
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HarmonyMeadows 6 months ago
Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you!! XOXOXOXO
Morgenstern 1 years ago
Awesome beautiful! It is the best winter ever I saw in OS! How are you did it? Imposible for me.
Dabici132 1 years ago
Very nice winter and xmas ambiance, really immersive. Xmas markets offers a lot of nice original and well crafted objects.
Bonnie 2 years ago
Kudos to WhiteAngel Deeds. Awesome presentation of Christmas winter. Great job.
ChanelRewell 2 years ago
it's amazing how Christmas has been represented, the virtual world is approaching that of reality in a perfect way
KrypticKayos 2 years ago
Stunning Quality decor on this location. Great quality items as gifts. I was lucky enough to be able to meet whiteangel. Can't say anything but good things. :) 5 star This location reminds me of germany, what a great feeling.

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not Christmas.... here i got double Christmas lolol Ty Ty Ty so much for all nice xmas gifts :-)))))))))))))))
Those freebie's they are giving away are items that were bought legitimately from Kitely Market by Curtis Brooks. This is the most disgusting display of theft I have seen to date by this grid, Sacrarium.
Winter-wonderland has come to OpenSim. Truly a lovely updated Christmas scene with lovely Mesh. Wish I could bring it all home. There are some lovely items we can take home, so it's definitely worth the trip for your OpenSim shopping.
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