Seaside Dreams

Seaside Dreams
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Ocean themed world for water fun! Here you will find sail boats, fishing, and a forest to get lost in. Keep a eye out for new things to do in this world! It is summer in this world. Sail a boat or have a picnic in the woods! Take a hike!

This world is very low technology. You will not find much electricity here. Water is pumped from the water wells and heat is generated by fireplaces. Since it does not ever get too cold here, the temperature range is always between 60 degrees and 80 degrees, there is really no need for air conditioners. The cool ocean breezes always keep temperatures comfortably on the cool side. Walking, boating, and swimming is how to get round here.

Our new addition, that we recently purchased, is a very large castle - don't get lost! The Castle has now gotten into the wine tasting business. Castle Winery will have wine tasting parties every month on the 1st. Castle Winery of Michel Estates will feature their own bottled wine and distribute other fine bottles of wine. In addition, because of the abundance or fresh water, The Castle will also sell pure bottled water. You will find these new products in the Kitley Market under a new name: Castle Winery by Michel Estates which is part of Gallery No.8. Enjoy a preview visit now to make a purchase.

When you enter the world at the dock you will now find a teleporter to Wounded Knee, South Dakota. This is a memorial of the massacre that occurred December 29th, 1890 and the information that I gather connects with the current news about the struggles of the First Nation. From Uranium mining poisoning the water on Navajo land to the leaking oil pipelines in Standing Rock to climate change literally melting the permafrost in Alaska. What we are witnessing are human rights violations and environmental racism. We cannot change what we do not know, so the memorial will bring this knowledge to the virtual world.

***Please visit the memorial on December 29th, 2019. I will be at the memorial to answer any questions from
12:00pm PST to 3:00pm PST.

Special discussion and interview: taped on Saturday, February, 10, 2018 1:30 pm PST

See it here: virtualoutworlding.blogspot....

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