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The Annex
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Discovery Grid: Established July 2016. Comprised of VAR regions, 2x2, 4x4 & 8x8. Over 445 MILLION sq meters of Grid Sponsored Oceans. Every VAR faces an Ocean. Every Main Region connected to the Community, if the owner requests. A total of 280 VAR Regions, 11/2018

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Come as you are, dance to tunes provided by Luminosity, and watch our Grid sponsored New Years Eve Fireworks and Countdown to Midnight Ball Drop from 8-11 PM on 12/31/18, at Discovery Events 2. Enjoy fireworks and a spectacular ball drop by our favorite pyromaniac, Neytiri Omatikaya of PyroVR Firewo...
8 months ago - 0 comments
New Member Landing area - Greetings
9 months ago - 0 comments
St. George Reef Lighthouse on Stormfront Ocean
9 months ago - 0 comments
Loose Cannon Shipyard
9 months ago - 0 comments

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JustynTyme 3 months ago
Love Maxamillians creativity! also the grid is a nice place too!
Arielle 3 months ago
Being curious at the previous posters comments, I jumped over to DiscoveryGrid from HGluv Grid and found everything to load fast even with draw distance set to 1024. I would have been surprised if it had been slow considering Discovery is using one of the best Opensim versions available.
Perhaps network issues from specific locations may make it slow for some but from what I seen, the servers themselves work well for the typical HG visitor.
AngelDiscovery 1 years ago
Please note: Discovery Grid is not associated with the region called Discovery hosted on

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