Lunaria Gloebit Emporium

Lunaria Gloebit Emporium
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Lunaria Emporium is the hypergrid-accessible Main Store on Mobius Grid for unique products created solely by Luna Lunaria that can be purchased with Gloebits. The Emporium is not a mall, and does not resell or distribute products from other creators or grids. The store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, and large Venues. There are viewing platforms where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars with all available huds. Mesh rollerblades are also available for free with a built-in ao, as well as monthly group gifts.

Lunaria Emporium is also on the Kitely Market at:

DJ CountryBob @ The Waterfront Lounge
Where: Lunaria Gloebit Emporium
When: 1 years ago [1 Jun 2019 22:00 SLT]

DJ CountryBob will be spinning the tunes at the beautiful Waterfront Lounge on Ourgrid Life running from 7pm - 9pm Pacific time. Dress up in your formals, suits, and cocktail dresses for a fun 2 hours of jazz, blues, and rock, with some unexpected tidbits thrown in the mix. Hypergrid address for the map is OURGRID.LIFE:80:LUNARIA EMPORIUM

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